Transfer Magazine 03/2023

Feature Topic: Innovation Systems

    Steinbeis | Transfer Visions into Business!

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        Steinbeis | Technology.Transfer.Application.

        The platform provided by Steinbeis makes us a reliable partner for company startups and projects. We provide support to people and organizations, not only in science and academia, but also in business. Our aim is to leverage the know-how derived from research, development, consulting, and training projects and to transfer this knowledge into application – with a clear focus on entrepreneurial practice. Over 2,000 business enterprises have already been founded on the back of the Steinbeis platform. The outcome? A network spanning 5,200 experts in approximately 1,100 business enterprises – working on projects with more than 10,000 clients every year. Our network provides professional support to enterprises and employees in acquiring competence, thus securing success in the face of competition.

        Discover Steinbeis

        Steinbeis Early Birds (english)

        Duration: 2 min.

        Taking ideas and concepts and translating them into reality, transferring knowledge into actual products and services, working with people and their companies – that’s Steinbeis. Over 1,000 Steinbeis Enterprises underscore the success of the Steinbeis approach to transfer – day in, day out. Do you too want to realize your ideas? Give us the opportunity to work with you and to play a pivotal part in your project. And become part of Steinbeis transfer yourself!



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