Why Set Up a Business with Steinbeis?

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The Steinbeis Network fulfills the vision of the man to whom we owe our name: Ferdinand von Steinbeis. He laid the foundations of this vision back in the 19th century. Our goal is to promote business-oriented technology transfer and support you from the moment you start setting up your new company. As a partner you can rely on, we work alongside you and assume responsibility for important services while you focus on your core business. In trade and industry, our name stands for quality, trust, and reliability. We stand by our transfer entrepreneurs. As a transfer entrepreneur in the Steinbeis Network, you become part of a powerful network and enjoy access to experts in all kinds of technology and management, not only at universities and research institutions, but also at other third-party organizations. Our network makes it possible to work together flexibly on projects and draw on a diverse offering of expertise and know-how.

From the outset, the emphasis lies in personal supervision, ensuring your new business receives support at all stages of the startup process. We provide you with individual support as you plan your business enterprise, so not only do we address legal issues and contractual topics, we also line up new contacts in the Steinbeis Network. We also provide you with PR support by editing media content, developing concepts for marketing instruments, and providing valuable help with organizing events. Our wealth of experience and know-how also allows us to help you with Steinbeis minority holdings and spinoffs. We also work with you in all areas relating to financial systems and accounting by processing and evaluating documentation, submitting tax declarations, and drafting annual accounts. Our support also extends to human resources, from contractual arrangements to payrolls. Once the right foundations have been laid, we put everything in place for you to start working on (publicly) funded projects and we will even take on any formal or organizational tasks on your behalf. Last but not least, you also benefit from the insurance cover we provide, especially with respect to business liability, special terms and conditions, and framework agreements.

Working with Steinbeis also has advantages for your university by providing transparent arrangements when it comes to fees for using university infrastructure or arranging payments for university staff working on a part-time basis. This creates a variety of synergies. Networking with trade and industry and working together on successful projects is good for the image of universities as organizations that understand business practice. Also, experience through project work is an enrichment for research and teaching at the university. This makes better use of the potential offered at a university to engage in innovative activities and play to its strengths in research. Forging contacts with trade and industry is also a valuable opportunity to reach out to experts who may want to teach at the university or give guest lectures.

In a nutshell: Steinbeis adds the flexibility of a commercial enterprise to the organizational framework of the university where it serves all participants.

The benefits of Steinbeis at a glance

  • The flexibility you require as an entrepreneur within a legally secure framework
  • Membership of a strong skills network under the umbrella of the Steinbeis brand
  • Individual support for your Steinbeis Enterprise:
    • Business planning, starting with setting up the company
    • PR
    • Legal advice and help with drafting contracts
    • Access to contacts in the Steinbeis Network
    • Support with Steinbeis Enterprise minority holdings and spinoffs
  • Comprehensive services for your Steinbeis Enterprise:
    • Financial and accounting systems (including document processing, P&Ls and balance sheets)
    • Human resources (including employee management, from contractual arrangements to payrolls)
    • Insurance cover (especially business liability)
    • Framework agreements
    • Coordination and management of accounts for funded projects

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