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Transfer Magazine illustrates Steinbeis’ primary focus: tangible problem-solving through successful know-how and technology transfer. Three times a year, we provide insights into the innovative projects carried out within the Steinbeis Network and look at the questions currently being investigated through research and development.

Our editorial department presents innovative methods and fields of technology through reports on customer projects and events, as well as interviews with experts. Published three times a year in both German and English, this Steinbeis magazine offers insights into our approach to know-how and technology transfer in practice. The printed editions and digital versions reach a readership of more than 28.000 people – including our customers, partners and members of the entire Steinbeis Network.

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Transfer 03/2019

Feature Topic: Business Development

Running a business entails setting direction for the successful  (ONGOING) DEVELOPMENT of business operations – at the right time. That is  not always easy, since no-one can predict the FUTURE – but it has to be done. This is because the only way to raise the value of a company is to systematically DEVELOP THE BUSINESS. On top of this, companies have to be in a position  to stand firm in business environments subject to DYNAMIC change; they have to AC T I V E LY shape transformation. How to succeed in this as a company,  and thus safeguard your own EXISTENCE in the long term, is shown by the STEINBEIS EXPERTS on the following pages.

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