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Transfer Magazine illustrates Steinbeis’ primary focus: tangible problem-solving through successful know-how and technology transfer. Four times a year, we provide insights into the innovative projects carried out within the Steinbeis Network and look at the questions currently being investigated through research and development.

Our editorial department presents innovative methods and fields of technology through reports on customer projects and events, as well as interviews with experts. Published four times a year in both German and English, this Steinbeis magazine offers insights into our approach to know-how and technology transfer in practice. The printed editions and digital versions reach a readership of more than 28.000 people – including our customers, partners and members of the entire Steinbeis Network.

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Transfer 01/2018

Feature Topic: Diversity – A Society Undergoing Change

Demographic change, skills shortages, increasing transnational business, the individualization of lifestyles, digital transformation, and the increasingly networked nature of the world we live and work in as a result of globalization: In the future, companies will have to get used to the fact that the workforce is becoming increasingly diverse and “colorful.” Against this backdrop, the topic of diversity – consciously dealing with, appreciating, and respecting differences and individuality – is becoming more and more important. Companies in particular have a number of things to gain from working in heterogeneous teams. Such teams bring together different ways of looking at things, different opinions, and diverse experiences, and as a result they can boost creativity and play a decisive role in gaining competitive

In this edition’s Feature Topic, Steinbeis experts discuss how to leverage diversity and implement diversity management in business. The spectrum of topics they cover is as wide as it is diverse, ranging from receiving advice from co-workers to promoting intercultural knowhow, supporting girls and women, diversity as a driver of innovation and key success factor (not just for established companies but also startups), how to deal with conflicts in a diverse workforce, and HR strategies in modern times of diversity.

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