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Art meets Technology

We view the development of skills as a holistic process. That’s why we support transfer entrepreneurs, freelance project managers or employees from the Steinbeis Network, who take on artistic endeavors in their spare time!

These artists are given the chance to showcase their work under the SteinbeisART brand in our Stuttgart headquarters. We also publish accompanying art books for their individual exhibitions through Steinbeis-Edition.

Ursula Christian

Ursula Christian started developing an interest in metallic structures during her training as a material tester while working for Kabelmetal in Nuremberg. It became clear to her that with careful preparation, a flair for caustics, and access to the different optical options offered by light microscopy, completely new visual effects become possible, also offering new ways to interpret materials. more...

Alexandra Maria Schumacher

Alexandra Maria Schumacher rediscovered art in 2009 and has never looked back since. “It defines me. It gives. It takes. It endures. It exists – rightfully.” She was a member of an painters’ group between 2009 and 2011 under the leadership of Christel Fuchs, supporting initiatives such as the community projects with pictures for fundraising events, including Vietnam and Hens for El Salvador. more...

Monika Hägele

"I currently associate painting with my personal experiences as well as my memories. At the beginning the emphasis lay in images that added structure, but later a transition took place toward softer shapes and luminous worlds of color. In the future I would like to think about creative design and experimentation, and I would like windows of time without judgment or having to deliver, in order to realize new approaches to personal perception and joy in forming images." more...

Katja Wolter

Katja Wolter is fascinated by structural issues relating to the origins of co-habitation in society and the influence of life experiences, which shape or re-shape people and thus characterize them. Her canvasses capture the surfaces and structures of her surroundings, plus imprints of counterparts. more...

Dr. Philipp Liedl

Self-taught artist, Dr. Philipp Liedl, focuses on the effect of the dialogue between color and form in his work, with the balance between the two always in the foreground. Strong, geometric shapes that rest within themselves are exchanged for dynamic, more intuitively guided brush strokes. 

Gudrun Jürß

For Gudrun Jürß, abstract painting using natural, mostly earthy materials is a living, breathing source of energy and joy – which probably explains her abstract “handwriting.” The almost meditative form of artwork and expression offers the beholder a type of acoustic space for inner peace in several of her pieces. 

Michaela Würtz

Even during her studies, Michaela Würtz was fascinated by the combination of technology (printing technology) and art (book art, book design and bookmaking). These seemingly opposing topics have resurfaced as “her theme” throughout her development as an artist. Her love of experimenting comes to the foreground in her use of diverse materials and painting techniques. 

Alfred Lutz (1919-2013)

Prof. Alfred Lutz enjoyed national and international success as a freelance graphic designer. In addition to his professorship at the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd (HfG), he served as the director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Media Design. Alfred Lutz designed the original Steinbeis logo – a symbol whose basic contours still represent the Steinbeis Network today. 

Elisabeth Fischer-Bolz

Elisabeth Fischer-Bolz’s abstract expressionist artwork is often presented in large-format pieces. Explosions of color create imagery characterized by intense power and dynamics. Sketched, circled, drawn over, connected with lines. The patches of color created in this way hint at object forms, though it’s always the color that creates the piece’s thematic framework. 

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