Setting up a Business with Steinbeis

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Steinbeis is one of the world’s most successful service providers in the field of knowledge and technology transfer. Over 2,000 business enterprises have already been founded on the back of the Steinbeis platform. The outcome? A network of more than 1,100 business enterprises. Most of these enterprises are legally dependent companies, managing their business affairs independently and operating in the market under standalone financial arrangements. The Network currently draws on the know-how of 5,100 experts, who work with and on behalf of companies of all sizes, involving a variety of projects with a focus on issues in the fields of Research and Development, Consulting and Expert Reports, and Training and Continuing Professional Development – across all areas of technology and business administration. The potential of our network to deliver transfer services, i.e., its technology and consulting competence, is a direct function of requirements in different markets. By continually setting up new Steinbeis Enterprises, we add to and build our expertise in the areas where there is customer demand.

Key success factors for Steinbeis: entrepreneurial freedom within a powerful network, a central framework to provide organizational safeguards, a brand that has stood for quality and professionalism in industry since 1971.

Successful transfer entrepreneurship needs precisely fitting organizational structures. Steinbeis entrepreneurs benefit from entrepreneurial freedom within a strong network of expertise, proven frameworks and, in particular, the Steinbeis brand, which has stood for quality and professionalism in business since 1971.

From the moment you set up your company until you’re running the organization as a manager – with Steinbeis at your side, you have the support of a reliable partner, an expert who has stood for successful technology transfer for decades. Collaboration works smoothly between science and academia on the one hand, and business and individual companies on the other.

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