Who Can Set Up a Company with Steinbeis?

Steinbeis startups – it’s all about trust

When it comes to setting up a transfer enterprise in the Steinbeis Network, for us the most important factor is the individual. Whether you currently work for a university, you’re a graduate, a company employee, or you’re even self-employed, Steinbeis will ensure that everything is put in place for you to found a company in the field of competitive technology transfer. Steinbeis offers you the opportunity to realize your goals and project aspirations as an entrepreneur. To do this, we assume third-party liability for any risks incurred on your behalf. This is because there is one ingredient that is an absolute must in a collaboration: trust. For decades, we have been highly successful with our approach to ensuring startups are given enough leeway to begin pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions through Steinbeis.

Steinbeis provides a framework for all kinds of people working at a university or research establishment, enabling them to become entrepreneurs in ways that work in harmony with their full-time scientific or academic pursuits, but also allowing them to apply their specialist knowledge directly to business activities. Collaboration based on close partnership – with universities or research establishments – is extremely important to us. This is also why we recommend that you agree your Steinbeis startup or any activity on behalf of the Steinbeis Network with your managers at the university. University employees in Baden-Wuerttemberg can take up the tools of their new trade under a framework agreement between the state and Steinbeis. There are also similar framework agreements with other universities outside Baden-Wuerttemberg. And we have partnership agreements and transfer companies at a number of universities, making it possible to apply the successful Steinbeis model without overlapping with the profile of your own university.

Aside from setting up your own Steinbeis Enterprise, there are also similar framework arrangements to allow you to work as a freelance project manager for an existing Steinbeis Enterprise. To find out more about working with or within the Steinbeis Network, or to simply browse vacancies, see here.

We would be happy to discuss your plans in detail and answer any of your questions. If your goals are a good match with the Steinbeis Network, we will provide backing for the startup and ensure you receive the best possible support.

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