Our philosophy

For know-how and technology transfer to succeed, the underlying infrastructure and systems have to be right. We believe in decentralized processes and entrepreneurial initiative. Our transfer enterprises operate independently in each market and see themselves as problem solvers for businesses.

Our transfer enterprises react to the requirements of their customers with flexibility and in line with specific demands, tapping into the expertise of the entire network to deliver client projects not just confidentially and reliably, but also on time. They are financed through their client’s transfer projects.

Steinbeis: a problem solver for businesses.

Steinbeis runs an entire network of experts who provide clients and partners with support in managing strategic challenges or carrying out everyday tasks. They do this by providing direct access to the necessary know-how. The teams they work in can be benchmarked by the tangible benefit delivered to their clients.

The Steinbeis system dovetails neatly with research establishments, universities and universities of applied sciences. This is because the majority of our transfer entrepreneurs are professors who have set themselves the goal of sharing the results of research in their Steinbeis Enterprises so that they can also be applied discernibly to business. Pivotal to the success of Steinbeis transfer are also the transfer entrepreneurs involved purely in front-line implementation. Working through their own resources in their Steinbeis Enterprises or in collaboration with other experts, these entrepreneurs solve problems based on scientifically sound practices and pragmatism. One particularly special way in which we deliver transfer benefit lies in sharing knowledge and technologies by training and continuing professional development programs provided by Steinbeis experts.

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