Steinbeis Transfer Center Surface and Coating Technology


  • Consulting
  • Training and continuing professional development
  • Surface technologies, e.g., for medical technology
  • Support until market-readiness

Key Areas

  • Plasma and thin layer technology (ALD, PVD, PECVD)
  • Parylene coating
  • Atmospheric plasma
  • Innovative cleaning process (e.g., carbon dioxide techniques)
  • Storage testing (e.g., climatic change tests, salt spray tests) 

Project Examples

  • Ultra-high voltage-resistant layers
  • Diffusion barriers for water vapor
  • Solutions for micromedical engineering (miniaturization of components and systems)
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings for harsh Environments
  • Homogeneous decorative color layers on complex shapes
  • Long-term stability of functional surfaces


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

A Window of Opportunity in Wood Restoration (Transfer 1/2021)
Steinbeis expert Volker Bucher joins forces with timber manufacturing specialist Holzmanufaktur Rottweil to develop innovative methods for cleaning, abrading, and coating surfaces
Discovering the World through Experimentation (Transfer 2/2020)
Experimentation World in Rottweil combines play with education

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Ruhe-Christi-Str. 20, D-78628 Rottweil
Phone: +49 7720 307-4748
Management: Prof. Dr. Volker Bucher
(Stand: 07/20/2021)

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