Steinbeis Consulting Center International Marketing & Sustainability


International marketing and export

  • Internationalization: support when entering into new markets  
  • Organizing and optimizing export departments
  • International customs law and clearance – from Chile to China
  • Certification of simplified customs procedures
  • EU preferential agreements
  • Sustainability at every stage of the value chain
  • Letter of credit transactions

Sustainability management/CSR

  • Responsibility in international business
  • Development of sustainable business
  • Guidelines and compliance
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Sustainability reports (DNK/GRI)

Corporate communications

  • Corporate communications in English and French
  • Product documentation, and PR

Key Areas

  • International marketing and Export
  • Consulting for SMEs – trainings and workshops
  • CSR and sustainability
  • Implementation of sustainability programs and reporting
  • Corporate communications

Project Examples

International marketing – export

  • Over 20 years of export experience in more than 35 countries around the world involving medium-sized manufacturers
  • Letter of credit transactions
  • Setting up and optimizing export departments
  • Logistics and export management for major projects in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Argentina (drilling plants)
  • Consultance of SMEs involved in international projects
  • Seminars and workshops:
    • International customs law
    • Brexit seminars
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian

Corporate social responsibility/sustainability consultance

  • Sustainability reporting/economy for the common good
  • Editing of compliance guidelines
  • Corporate fundraising
  • Planning and organization of the annual charity concert for UNICEF Freiburg

Corporate communications and marketing

  • Project: corporate identity
  • Project: market analysis on applying products to alternative markets
  • Integrated implementation of branding strategies and guidelines
  • Public relations for UNICEF Freiburg
  • Marketing and communication consulting

Steinbeis Media

Steinbeis Transfer magazine

“We have no choice but to encorporate sustainability within companies as a key success factor” (Transfer 1/2019)
An interview with Almut Kaupp, Director of Steinbeis Consulting Center International Marketing & Sustainability

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Phone: +49 761 29085060
Management: Dipl. Exportökonomin Almut Kaupp
(Stand: 09/23/2019)

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