Steinbeis-Innovationszentrum Innovation Engineering


  • PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP: personalized customer focus
  • PRODUCT and SERVICE ROADMAP: holistic value promises
  • VALUE-ADD ROADMAP: adaptable value networks

Key Areas


  • Business process modeling: design of intelligent/smart processes
  • Systems engineering: networking different fields of technology


  • Life cycle-oriented variant development of intelligent/smart products and services
  • Product/service release planning based on customer reactions to benefits


  • Strengthening/development of manufacturers’ core processes and key resources
  • Integration of development, logistics, and production partners in the value network

Project Examples

  • Transfer project: Development of a process model for extending the innovation process to include user-oriented methods (human-centered design) with the aim of realizing a digitalization and personalization strategy in the field of medical technology
  • Transfer project:  Enabling production companies to use modern IT/digitech to plan and organize the use of intelligent tools and the integration of existing IT systems to achieve smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0)
  • Research project: Usability for SME applications: Creation of a competence network and a software excellence platform for the online networking of companies involved in the development and application of software with usability and user experience experts
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