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In collaboration with Steinbeis University:

  • Master of Science: Two-year project competence degree (PCD) in parallel to full-time work culminating in a Master of Science (MSc) with a double-degree MBA option at an international partner university
    Field: International Management
  • Master of Science & Master of Business Administration (USA): two-year project competence degree (PCD) in parallel to full-time work culminating in a Master of Science (MSc) in International Management and Master of Business Administration (MBA) (USA)
    Field: International Management & Leadership
  • Master of Arts: Two-year online project competence degree (PCD) in parallel to full-time work culminating in a Master of Arts (MA) in General Management
    Field: General Management

In collaboration with other universities:

  • Master of Laws in International Business Law (LL.M.): One-year program in cooperation with University for Continuing Education Krems, Austria
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA): PhD program in parallel or integrated into full-time work in collaboration with Edinburgh Business School at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Further Contact Persons

Full-Time Lecture(s):

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner G. Faix
  • Prof. Dr. habil. Dirk Engelhardt
  • Prof. Dr. David Rygl
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Seebacher
  • Prof. Dr. Martin K. Welge

Program Manager(s):

  • MBA and International Programs: Dr. Ardin Djalali, M. A., MBA
  • Master of Science in International Management: Diplom-Kulturwirtin Ineke Blumenthal, M. Sc. 
  • Master of Laws in International Business Law (in Kooperation mit UWK): Dr. Eva Feldbaum
  • Master of Arts in General Management: Dr. Ardin Djalali
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA): Katharina Helm, M.A.

Director(s) of Studies:

  • MBA and International Programs: Sina Rockenbauch, M. A.
  • Master of Science in International Management: Dipl.-Betrw. (BA) Sonja Reichert, MBA
  • Master of Arts in General Management: Carolina de Rezende Vaz da Costa


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

The Benefit of Experience (Transfer 1/2022)
Research team at Steinbeis University examines a tool designed for analyzing the potential of small and medium-sized enterprises
Turning the Spotlight on Sustainability (Transfer 3/2020)
SIBE experts help develop future scenarios for South Tyrol
“It is key that organizations have a clear strategy at all” (Transfer 2/2020)
An interview with Dr. Stefan Pastuszka, lecturer at Steinbeis University
Editorial (Transfer 3/2019)
Preparing for leadership: from monastery to becoming a mindful leader (Transfer 2/2019)
Dr. Andreas Dürr, alumnus of Steinbeis University, discusses preparation for working in a leadership position
Leadership in a Digital World (Transfer 2/2019)
Symposium debates ways to actively shape the future
Delight at SIBE after successful Accreditation Process (Transfer 2/2019)
First Graduate School of Steinbeis University receives system accreditation
Call for proposals: Leadership in a Digital World (Transfer 2/2019)
Steinbeis experts organize international symposium
High Distinction for Contributions to Science and Education (Transfer 2/2019)
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner G. Faix has been accepted as a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
Bringing Family and a Career Under One Roof (Transfer 1/2019)
Master’s thesis by Louisa Madu of Steinbeis University points to the benefits of female empowerment
Straight from University into Management (Transfer 4/2018)
An interview with Nicoline Janssen, alumna of Steinbeis University Berlin
Social Entrepreneurship – A Corporate Mission to Solve Social Issues (Transfer 2/2018)
Steinbeis University alumnus sets up web-based platform for acquiring competencies
Leadership.Education.Personality. (Transfer 1/2018)
A review of the 2017 Steinbeis Competence Day
The Steinbeis Perspective Program: A Win-Win Situation for Participants and Companies (Transfer 3/2017)
The Steinbeis University program provides support with the integration of refugees in the German employment market
Digitalization Fosters Sweeping Change in the Value Chain (Transfer 3/2017)
SIBE innovation teams help firms shape up for digital transformation
Leadership. Education. Personality. Management in a World of Fluctuation (Transfer 3/2017)
Steinbeis Competence Day to look at current challenges facing managers
Beckoned by the Market in South America (Transfer 1/2017)
SHB alumnus launches hi-tech products in Brazil
How to Make Integration Work (Transfer 4/2016)
Steinbeis University Berlin helps refugees get a foot in the door on the German employment market
The Personality of Founders – A Key Success Factor (Transfer 3/2016)
Nature or nurture?
Knowledge Management as a Facilitator of Quality Leadership (Transfer 3/2016)
SHB graduate designs knowledge management system for his company
3D-Printed Shoe Makes a Lasting Impression (Transfer 3/2016)
Steinbeis graduate makes successful entry into the world of self-employment with mass-customized shoes
“Education, Education, Education!” (Transfer 1/2016)
An interview with Prof. Dr. Werner G. Faix, Managing Director of the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) at Steinbeis University Berlin
100% Interactive: Online@SIBE (Transfer 1/2016)
SIBE now offers two degree programs completely online
Entering New Markets and Supporting Existing Activities Overseas (Transfer 1/2016)
SIBE at Steinbeis University Berlin helps prepare companies for international business challenges
Managers of the Future: How will they be Educated? (Transfer 1/2016)
The 2015 Steinbeis Competence Day
Sales Quiz App: A Novel Way to Train Employees (Transfer 3/2015)
Modern teaching methods using a quiz app
Premium Accreditation for SHB Degree Programs (Transfer 3/2015)
SIBE is awarded the coveted FIBAA certification
Steinbeis Swipe! (Transfer 1/2015)
“Integrity is a Fundamental Attitude” (Transfer 3/2014)
11th SIBE Campfire Talk with Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt
Cleaning Up (Transfer 3/2014)
Steinbeis student develops relaunch strategy for product portfolio
EU 2020 – Gearing SMEs toward Europe (Transfer 1/2014)
Master of Science in European Innovation and Technology Management
Young logistics specialists knuckle down to business (Transfer 4/2013)
Steinbeis student implements development strategy at a branch office
Mobile marketing - hype or a hope? (Transfer 3/2013)
Steinbeis student sets up new international communication channel
Information for the taking! (Transfer 2/2013)
SHB student develops information portal for musicians from the greater Stuttgart area
Better together - but how? (Transfer 1/2013)
Steinbeis student explains reorganization across company locations
Walking@SIBE for the Lebenshilfe organization (Transfer 3/2012)
Steinbeis Transfer Institute starts walking for a good cause
Hats off, diving goggles on! (Transfer 3/2012)
SHB student establishes strategic marketing measures
Supplier of products today, value-adding partner tomorrow (Transfer 2/2012)
Steinbeis student analyzes service organization development
A grounding in founding companies (Transfer 2/2012)
SIBE fireside chat
Management in a new global economy (Transfer 1/2012)
The 2011 Stuttgart Competence Day
Everything (r)evolves around respect (Transfer 1/2012)
Respecting other members of the hospital team – the key to successful HR development
365 locations in the land of ideas – and the M.Sc. in International Management is one of them (Transfer 4/2011)
Award for master’s degree program
Further development instead of early retirement - the Senior Executive MBA (Transfer 3/2011)
Continuous professional development
The call of self-employment (Transfer 2/2011)
Two SHB alumni found their own business consultancy
Competitive intelligence - an integral part... (Transfer 2/2011)
SHB student assesses the nature of strategic market and competitor monitoring
Keeping close tabs on finances (Transfer 1/2011)
The launch of a new financial management system
Kaizen - change for the better (Transfer 1/2011)
Steinbeis student project looks at optimizing material planning
Growth fuelled by quality (Transfer 4/2010)
SHB student maps out organizational development at Esslingen Hospital
A helping hand from telemetry (Transfer 3/2010)
SHB student investigates options for telemetric monitoring of diabetes patients
Based on practice, for use in practice (Transfer 2/2010)
New certified course for sales engineers
A student with real potential! (Transfer 2/2010)
SHB student receives High Potential 2009 award
More than data gathering - the shape of modern HR management (Transfer 2/2010)
Steinbeis University student sets up HR monitoring system
Bundled competence (Transfer 1/2010)
200 people attend the second Stuttgart Competence Day
Lean management - from production to after sales (Transfer 1/2010)
New ways to improve competitiveness
SteinbeisMBA exceeds required standards (Transfer 4/2009)
Re-accreditation successfully gained
“I’m much more organized now when tackling problems, and I look at the bigger picture” (Transfer 3/2009)
An interview with Steinbeis University graduate Anja Glatzle
Talent.Competence.Management – (Transfer 3/2009)
The 2009 Stuttgart Competence Day
SHB shapes the minds of tomorrow’s logistics managers (Transfer 3/2009)
MSc degree program for transport and logistics
“My PCD helped me to progress: personally and professionally” (Transfer 2/2009)
TRANSFER speaks to Zoltan Barcza, graduate of Steinbeis University Berlin
Quality requirements exceeded on several fronts (Transfer 2/2009)
Several SIBE degrees gain FIBAA accreditation
The first M.A. students embark on their studies (Transfer 1/2009)
Simple, swift, special: just what the milkman ordered (Transfer 1/2009)
Student at Steinbeis University launches “Milk run” logistics
From naval officer to global manager (Transfer 4/2008)
The success story of an SHB alumni
Competencies - the key to every transfer (Transfer 4/2008)
The 2008 Stuttgart Competencies Day
How the Steinbeis-MBA Alumni Network came into being (Transfer 4/2008)
Editorial (Transfer 4/2008)
Putting car development under the quality microscope (Transfer 1/2008)
Steinbeis student provides central QM support at Mercedes-Benz
Modern homeopathy: today Baden-Baden, tomorrow the world (Transfer 4/2007)
A Steinbeis student and her concept for the global field sales force
Personal health comes first (Transfer 1/2007)
Steinbeis student arranges strategy plannings
'Supply Chain Project of the Year 2006' (Transfer 1/2007)



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