Steinbeis Transfer Institute Marketing and Media Management


In cooperation with the Steinbeis University we offer degree programs, research and consulting for media, marketing and communication.

Master of Business Administration: Biennial vocationally integrated Project Competence Concept (PKS) with the degree Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Area: Business Administration
Optional compulsory:

  • Creative Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Media Management
  • General Management

Master of Science Business Management

  • Marketing, Media & Communication - advanced
  • Finance, Banking & Controlling - advanced



Further Contact Persons

Full-Time Lecture(s): 


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

If You Don’t Hone Your Networks, You’re Not Worth Contacting (Transfer 2/2017)
Steinbeis experts reveal how to network
The future of collaboration in business (Transfer 3/2012)
SHB alumnus founds real-time communications service
Pink University (Transfer 2/2012)
MedienMBA alumna starts web training portal
Impetus for marketing professionals (Transfer 2/2012)
6th German dialog marketing conference
Exemplary knowledge for the new digital future (Transfer 4/2010)
SMI grooms online specialists
Call for Papers (Transfer 4/2010)
Business + Innovation Steinbeis Executive Magazine
Government communications that promote dialog (Transfer 3/2010)
A study by the SVI Endowed Chair for Marketing and Dialog Marketing at SHB
Helmut Schneider appointed to family report commission (Transfer 3/2010)
Kristina Schröder appoints commission members
Media management for booksellers and publishers (Transfer 3/2010)
SHB creates new B.A. course for the book industry
Ethics, intrinsic value and sustainability in the financial system (Transfer 1/2010)
Berlin convention on 3 and 4 September 2010
Winds of change sweep through the property market (Transfer 2/2009)
A new bachelor’s and master’s degree program specializing in real estate
Collective Intelligence: Pinpointing the Wisdom of Crowds (Transfer 2/2009)
Steinbeis University Berlin research workshop
Editorial (Transfer 2/2009)
Call for Papers (Transfer 2/2009)
Business + Innovation Steinbeis Executive Magazine
Business + Innovation - the Steinbeis Executive Magazine (B+I) (Transfer 1/2009)
Steinbeis University starts publication of its specialist magazine
Where companies and students meet (Transfer 3/2008)
Online marketplace from ZEIT Online and Marc Drüner, Professor at Steinbeis University Berlin
'Gain practical experience and earn your rent money' (Transfer 3/2008)
Interview with Dr. Rainer Esser, managing director of ZEIT, and Marc Drüner
New media update: Holtzbrinck and SUB launch ‘New Media Campus’ (Transfer 2/2008)
High-profile textbook prize goes to SUB professor Helmut Schneider (Transfer 2/2008)
Service studies (Transfer 4/2007)
Steinbeis program of study for T-Punkt Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Management in the trade sector (Transfer 3/2007)
Growth strategies in a changing media environment (Transfer 3/2007)
From traditional publishing house to cross-media content provider

Yearbook Steinbeis Foundation´s Transfer Award – Löhn Award

Improved Success in Communication at PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg eG (Löhn Award 2009)



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