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Exemplary knowledge for the new digital future

SMI grooms online specialists

In an increasingly digital era, companies need to call on capable “digital professionals”. Media and marketing companies will find excellence in online marketing and digital media management a competitive differentiator and success factor in their industries. To keep pace and lead the way, these companies and their employees will require new skill sets. To meet this need, starting January 2011, the School of Management and Innovation (SMI) at Steinbeis University Berlin will offer two degree programs that are the first of their kind in Europe.

The digital media Management master’s degree equips students with substantial expertise in digital structures, with a thorough grounding in managing them in line with contemporary standards. The SMI designed its part-time program to provide a master’s degree that imparts the entire spectrum of specialist knowledge in business administration and organizational leadership. This is required for new media products, projects and companies. Subjects range from innovation to technical implementation and business administration. Taking a practical approach, the Digital Media Marketing master’s degree gives online marketing professionals a solid understanding of the key methods, strategies and tools used in online marketing. Students also learn how to keep knowledge current over the long run while honing their marketing, communications and management expertertise. The curriculum covers all areas that are key to success in competitive digital environments.

The path to the stars

MasterStars – university qualifications for entrepreneurial success

Blending existing knowledge, capability and experience properly is becoming ever more important in the professional arena. This applies just as much to individuals as it does to companies and organizations. University certificates issued by Steinbeis University Berlin clearly communicate a student’s expertise, bolster individual careers and nurture entrepreneurial success. But experts agree that a certificate’s true value lies in successful application. And application is the focus of the MasterStars certification process offered by the Steinbeis Transfer Institute Business Excellence (IfBE).

„Master stars“ show that individuals are applying, maintaining and building on important professional skills. Existing certificates can also be endorsed and upgraded using the MasterStars process. Stars on the university certificate indicate to what extent it has been upgraded, so one star stands for ability shown on a written test, while five stars indicate knowledge and skills that have been tested and proven themselves over years of application in a business environment. Ranging from one to five, the “path to the stars” involves the IfBE at every stage for support and evaluation. Master- Stars criteria are: sustainability, implementation, effect, productivity and the ability of knowledge to attract a wide audience. Tying an employee’s individual development to company success is what makes the MasterStars certification process such a valuable addition to continuous professional development. Earning a certain number of individual MasterStars, for example, could serve as a measurable target when annual goals are being set. Another example: Master Stars can be used to define and recognize the level of qualification an individual or entire department has reached. They are an impartial way to validate and track educational activities.


Bernd Rindle
Steinbeis Transfer Institute Business Excellence (IfBE, Berlin/Ulm)

Certified professional development

Training course with a certificate in business psychology

Buffeted by constant change, markets and companies must never stop differentiating themselves in the pursuit of lasting success. Psychology plays a key role in shaping how a company makes changes to its culture, sales or staff leadership. To help everyone involved keep pace, the Steinbeis Business Academy at Steinbeis University Berlin offers a training course with a certificate in business psychology.

A knowledge of psychology is beneficial in a number of disciplines, making it now indispensable for consultants and managers – as well as staff employees at companies. The year-long training course with a certificate in business psychology (SBA) allows students already in employment to build on their professional expertise, technique and personal skill sets in occupational, organizational and business psychology. Launching in March 2011, the course consists of five modules, each lasting three days.

Call for Papers

Business + Innovation Steinbeis Executive Magazine

In four issues throughout the year, Steinbeis University Berlin’s "Business + Innovation" (B+I), explores current issues in strategy, innovation and global perspectives. With its roots in business administration and transfer, this independent magazine appeals to academically-minded managers and specialists who are interested in theorydriven management expertise with a focus on practical application. Researchers, instructors and students at research universities will also enjoy B+I.

Eligible for submission are original articles addressing research that can be corroborated. Articles can be in German or English and must also cover one of the stipulated disciplines. B+I aims to promote big-picture, business-based thinking and action, in part by leveraging insight from other scientific fields. This is why the magazine welcomes interdisciplinary, empirically quantitative or qualitative articles as well as conceptual ones – while maintaining a good balance between theoretical foundations and business in practice. Articles can be submitted by e-mail. To ensure the highest level of quality, the editorial board will review all submissions in accordance with generally accepted international standards (a double-blind review process). The editorial board is made up of established experts in business and science. Publishing an article in B+I serves a variety of purposes. It can make research accessible to a broad academic readership, while demonstrating that findings stand up to scientific scrutiny. A publication in B+I can also attract the attention of third parties interesting in providing funding. What’s more, every author receives a free one-year online subscription.

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