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Business + Innovation Steinbeis Executive Magazine

In April 2010, Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) will commission Gabler Verlag to publish the first issue of the university’s magazine, Business + Innovation – Steinbeis Executive Magazine (B+I). Authors are encouraged to send submissions.

As an independent business trade quarterly that focuses on the intersections of transfer and research, the magazine will draw on theory and practice to offer over 60 pages of relevant insight into:

  • strategy (strategic management, organization management, business modeling),
  • innovation (innovation and knowledge management, technology, information and communication management),
  • global perspectives (primarily interdisciplinary trends and recent market developments).

These will be complemented with interviews, sweeping case studies and an opinion barometer. Information that underpins success is kept concise and never strays off topic, so readers will always be able to keep pace with and respond to new challenges in management.

A “melting pot” for theory and practice, B+I aims to engage decision makers at large and medium-sized companies in every industry. Readership will also include specialists and senior executives in strategic corporate and organizational development as well as university professors, college instructors and students of business administration.

To ensure submissions of the highest quality, B+I will subject them to a double-blind review. The review will be performed by an editorial board of experts consisting of some of the most recognized and respected names in business and science.

Science writers and other authors “in the field” who see an overlap with B+I are encouraged to submit pieces from their line of work. Writers can obtain more information from:


Prof. Dr. rer. pol. habil. Frank Keuper
School of Management and Innovation (SMI) Steinbeis University Berlin (Berlin/Stuttgart)

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