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The School of Governance, Risk & Compliance (School GRC) was founded in 2007 as a research and training establishment at Steinbeis University Berlin, a private, state-approved university. The disciplines of corporate governance, risk management, compliance, and fraud management come together at the school.
School GRC runs a Master of Business Administration program in partnership with Steinbeis University, providing education to specialists and managers that not only adheres to high standards, but also places a strong emphasis on practical application.

In collaboration with the Steinbeis+Akademie, it also offers certification courses through its sister institution, School CIFoS (responsible for the Master of Arts in Criminal Investigation), to provide a variety of certification courses, such as training to become a Certified Compliance Expert (CCE) and a Certified Investigation Expert (CIE).

To offer companies the required degree of flexibility, numerous seminars are provided as individual courses.

Training and the educational program provide specialists and people aiming to become specialists with the necessary knowledge, plus access to the required network of personal contacts.

A defining feature of the projects and research carried out by School GRC is the close link to practical application and the actuality of research findings. School GRC is a leading establishment in the field of governance, risk, compliance, and fraud management. In addition to developing standards and formulating solutions to existing challenges, it is also involved in preventative work on future challenges. Setting up collaborative projects and research allows companies to become actively integrated in this process, also providing them with tried-and-tested solutions.

Key Areas

  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Fraud Management

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Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

How Will Data Transfer Work in the Future? (Transfer 1/2016)
Panel discussion at the Steinbeis Management Series at School GRC
Certification Course to Become Healthcare Compliance Officer (HCO) (Transfer 4/2015)
Staff training on compliance in the health care industry
Honoring Commitment to Compliance (Transfer 2/2015)
Birgit Galley receives Sigurd Pütter Service Medal
Tracking Down Crime in a Virtual World (Transfer 1/2015)
BMBF backs research project involving experts from Steinbeis
Successful Premiere for Master of Arts in Criminal Investigation (Transfer 4/2014)
SHB bids farewell to the first graduating class
Certification courses for compliance officers (Transfer 2/2014)
School GRC and the BITKOM Academy provide training as “Compliance Officer Mittelstand” for medium-sized enterprises
Master of Arts in Internal Revision (Transfer 1/2013)
Steinbeis-Compliance Monitoring© (Transfer 3/2012)
SHB develops an evaluation method for compliance management systems
Masters Program for Criminal Investigation (Transfer 2/2012)
Beginning in October 2012
Wanted: Outstanding theses! (Transfer 1/2012)
School of Governance, Risk & Compliance awards for best theses
Compliance and fraud experts honored in style (Transfer 4/2011)
Graduation Ceremony
Educating the best thinkers (Transfer 3/2011)
Corporate University for business
Company whistleblower systems: detecting and preventing white-collar crime (Transfer 2/2011)
Steinbeis Compliance Monitoring evaluates whistleblower systems
Gain expertise - become a compliance expert (Transfer 2/2011)
New certification course for compliance officers starts in late 2011
Qualifications from the School GRC (Transfer 1/2011)
Seminars for managers and specialists
The Steinbeis Management Series (Transfer 3/2010)
Series of events on professional management at School GRC
Measurable and comparable compliance (Transfer 3/2010)
Steinbeis Compliance and Integrity Monitoring
70% of perpetrators come from within the ranks of the company (Transfer 4/2009)
Study on industrial espionage conducted on behalf of the Baden-Württemberg Security Forum
Editorial (Transfer 4/2009)
Training to be a Certified Compliance Expert (Transfer 3/2009)
Certified training at the School GRC
Even closer links between fraud prevention and compliance (Transfer 2/2009)
A partnership between School GRC and the ACFE



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Bergstraße 68, D-10115 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 86320627-0
Management: Dipl.-Kffr. Birgit Galley, CFE
(Stand: 09/10/2021)

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