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As a collaboration partner of Steinbeis University, the enterprise is responsible for commercially recognized transfer delivered through degree programs and the research findings of the university. Its numerous Steinbeis Transfer Institutes and other Steinbeis Enterprises are actively involved in entrepreneurial transfer in keeping with classic Steinbeis principles. These institutes and enterprises offer services aimed at developing skills, also carrying out entrepreneurial transfer projects.


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

“Despite its superhuman abilities, compared to natural intelligence AI is extremely limited” (Transfer 3/2021)
TRANSFER magazine speaks to AI expert Carsten Ullrich, professor at Steinbeis University
“Innovate rather than copy” (Transfer Online/2021)
An interview with futurist and Steinbeis expert Professor Dr. Heiko von der Gracht
A Role Model for Demonstrating Values in Science, Transfer, and Society (Transfer 4/2015)
The Steinbeis Foundation Transfer Award 2015
Corporate Vocational University: Aligning skilled labor qualifications with the needs of multinational manufacturers (Transfer 2/2013)
Research at Steinbeis University Berlin
Amplifying Students’ Opinions (Transfer 1/2013)
Student representatives look back
The customer is king (Transfer 4/2012)
Research carried out at Steinbeis University Berlin
Making HR-Shared Service Centers more effective (Transfer 3/2012)
Research carried out by Steinbeis University Berlin
Potential improvements to the externalization of knowledge (Transfer 2/2012)
Research at Steinbeis University Berlin
Externalizing tacit knowledge (Transfer 3/2011)
SHB Ph.D. student examines knowledge-sharing
Innovation management in machine and plant engineering (Transfer 1/2011)
Product and service innovations: analyzing the status at SMEs
A discussion with ... (Transfer 1/2011)
MBA lectures series now also in Berlin
Support shaping studies (Transfer 2/2010)
Student representatives meet up at Steinbeis University Berlin
Steinbeis University Berlin introduces its Test Engineering degree program (Transfer 1/2007)

Yearbook Steinbeis Foundation´s Transfer Award – Löhn Award

A Model for Lived Values in Science, Transfer and Society (Löhn Award 2015)



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