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  • Sharpening innovation management - with the right strategies and partners
  • Your path to EU funding - with a strong partner in the application process
  • Spreading innovation internationally - through access to new markets
  • Regional & Social Transformation - taking advantage of Europe's opportunities
  • Impulses for innovation policy - with our EU-wide expertise
  • Planning events & training people - networking at events and getting fit for innovation

Steinbeis 2i GmbH was founded in 2016 and has offices in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. Steinbeis 2i is part of the umbrella brand Steinbeis Europa Zentrum and is committed to innovation and internationalization.

The Steinbeis Europa Zentrum and Steinbeis 2i are partners in the Enterprise Europe Network of the European Commission, which includes more than 600 partners in more than 60 countries. The aim of the network is to support companies with a variety of issues regarding Europe, innovation, research, and technology transfer. It also promotes the use of European research findings. Steinbeis 2i serves as a partner in a Baden-Wuerttemberg based consortium in cooperation with Handwerk International, bw-i, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and six chambers of commerce.

Key Areas

  • EU research and innovation funding
  • Project implementation, project management and communication
  • Digitalization & Industry 4.0
  • Climate, energy & mobility
  • Agriculture, bioeconomy & environment
  • Health
  • Culture, creativity & inclusion
  • Transformation in and with society
  • Open innovation
  • Smart specialization
  • Gender & diversity


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

A Network for More Innovation and Internationalisation (Transfer 1/2022)
Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports SMEs in its role as a member of the Enterprise Europe Network
The Balancing Act Between Giving and Taking – Success Within Networks (Transfer 1/2022)
Steinbeis experts offer ideas and inspiration on leveraging and making the best of the potential offered by networks
The innocheck-bw Initiative – Which EU Funding Options are Best for my Project? (Transfer 1/2022)
Website set up by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum offers funding advice for SMEs
“We’d like to offer SMEs the opportunity to introduce AI to actual applications” (Transfer 3/2021)
An interview with Alexandra Fezer and Stefano Sbarbati from Steinbeis Europa Zentrum
“It’s About Making the Next Step” (Transfer 2/2021)
An interview with Dr.-Ing. Petra Pu¨chner and Dr. Jonathan Loeffler, Entrepreneurs at Steinbeis Europa Zentrum
NetworkNature: Connecting Experts for Climate Protection and Sustainability (Transfer 1/2021)
Steinbeis offers platform for exchanging views on nature-based solutions, projects, and best practice
“Building trust will be crucial” (Transfer 1/2021)
An interview with Dr. Marie-Eve Reinert, senior project manager at Steinbeis 2i
Recovery of Ecological Nutrition from Agriculture (Transfer 1/2021)
Steinbeis experts contribute to the circular bioeconomy
The Potential Offered by Second-Chance Entrepreneurship (Transfer 3/2020)
Steinbeis expert Samantha Michaux talks about the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurial re-starts
The Packaging of the Future – Don’t Throw It in the Trash Can: Eat It! (Transfer 3/2020)
Steinbeis experts launch ZIM network project looking into edible food coatings
“Customers should not notice any differences in organoleptic or visual terms” (Transfer 3/2020)
An interview with Hartmut Welck, senior project manager at Steinbeis 2i
Become an Innovation Champion! (Transfer 1/2020)
Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor, and Housing offers free concept checks to SMEs and startups
Hydrogen fuel cells will power the future of E-Mobility (Transfer 1/2020)
Steinbeis 2i supports project partners optimize automotive fuel cell systems
Success depends on the strategy (Transfer 3/2019)
Innovation strategies for SMEs
Honorary professorship for supporter of the Danube region (Transfer 3/2019)
The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania bestows honor upon Dr. Jonathan Loeffler
Smart anything everywhere – digitalization for everyone (Transfer 2/2019)
Digital innovation hubs: a key ingredient of digital transformation
Inconnect: innovation requires collaboration! (Transfer 2/2019)
Steinbeis cooperation index analyzes the potential offered by partnerships
STUNNING: Promoting Corporate Renovation in Europe (Transfer 2/2019)
Steinbeis 2i is working as a partner to the EU platform for energy-efficient renovation technology and business models
SENET: Good for Health (Transfer 2/2019)
Steinbeis 2i GmbH coordinates an EU-funded project aimed at strengthening the collaboration between Europe and China in the field of health
The role played by smart cities as innovation hubs for cities and regions (Transfer 1/2019)
Steinbeis experts create Innovation processes for EU projects
Meet me at MeDiWa: Shaping Digital Transformation in the World of Media (Transfer 1/2019)
A look back at the 2018 Network Event
DeepTech4Good: Start-ups Coming to the Fore (Transfer 1/2019)
Steinbeis 2i remains important partner of European Union accelerator program
“The challenge lies in the complexity of different expectations and goals” (Transfer 4/2018)
An interview with Hartmut Welck and Matthieu Grosjean, experts in international innovation management at Steinbeis 2i GmbH (S2i)
Photonic FabLabs – The Next Digital Technology Revolution (Transfer 4/2018)
Steinbeis acts as partner in an EU project called PHABLABS 4.0
“The process of transfer between companies opens the door to something new” (Transfer 3/2018)
An interview with Dr. Jonathan Loeffler, CEO of Steinbeis 2i GmbH
Sustainable Fish Farming and Innovative Wastewater Recovery at Lake Victoria (Transfer 3/2018)
Steinbeis is partner in the EU project VicInAqua, which supports knowledge transfer between Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Europe
10 Years Enterprise Europe Network (Transfer 3/2018)
Steinbeis 2i GmbH remains an important member of the European Commission network
In Good Shape for EU Applications and Project Management (Transfer 3/2018)
S2i offers training to SMEs and research institutions
Digitalization Entails Change! (Transfer 3/2018)
Steinbeis experts organize a Network event on the role played by the media in digital transformation Digitalization is fundamentally changing the world of work
Minimizing Risk with IMMODGEL and PANBioRA (Transfer 2/2018)
New research findings on the prevention of immune responses after the fitting of implants and assessing the risk posed by biomaterials
Innovation in the Craft Industry – Locally and Internationally (Transfer 2/2018)
Steinbeis 2i GmbH provides advice on going international and innovation management
Minimizing Risk with IMMODGEL and PANBioRA (Transfer 2/2018)
New research findings on the prevention of immune responses after the fitting of implants and assessing the risk posed by biomaterials
The 2017 German Raw Material Efficiency Award Goes to REProMag (Transfer 1/2018)
Steinbeis 2i acted as partner to the EU project
Cyber-Physical Systems – A Driver of Digital Transformation in European Business (Transfer 4/2017)
Steinbeis experts and Hahn-Schickard help SMEs gain access to digital technology
Research Spotlight: MinWaterCSP: Reducing the Water Consumption in Concentrated Solar Power plants (Transfer 4/2017)
Steinbeis 2i acts as partner in EU project
The Journey to New Key Enabling Technologies (Transfer 4/2017)
The SEZ is working as a partner on two EU projects: NUCLEI and KETGATE
Editorial (Transfer 3/2017)
Heterogeneity: A Driver of Innovation (Transfer 3/2017)
Equal opportunities in the energy technology sector
Innovating Differently – New Angles on Technology Transfer (Transfer 3/2017)
A look back at a kick-off Steinbeis event at the State Gallery in Stuttgart
Research Spotlight: Innovative Compression Technology for Efficient Hydrogen Vehicles (Transfer 3/2017)
Steinbeis experts join EU COSMHYC project
Research Spotlight: An Innovative Business Model for Intelligent Traffic Systems (Transfer 3/2017)
Steinbeis assesses obstacles and enablers of new systems as part of EU NEWBITS project
Open Innovation Strategies for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (Transfer 2/2017)
Collaboration helps accelerate Innovation
Inspired by Photonics (Transfer 2/2017)
EU PHABLABS 4.0 project inspires the next generation
Using Implants Without Side Effects (Transfer 2/2017)
Forschungs-Team im EU-Projekt IMMODGEL entwickelt innovative hydrogelbasierte Systeme
Editorial (Transfer 2/2017)
eHealthHub: Market Positioning (Transfer 1/2017)
Steinbeis 2i supports eHealth SMEs



Fit for european research and innovation projects (2019)
EU-conform-conceptualise, formulate and manage innovation projects (2019)
Identifying and launching strategic partnerships (2019)
Solutions for Policy Makers and Public Stakeholders (2018)

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Leuschnerstr. 43, D-70176 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 2524-2000
Steinhäuserstr. 12, D-76135 Karlsruhe
Phone: 0721-935-19-0
Management: Dr. Jonathan Loeffler
(Stand: 09/15/2022)

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