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Innovative Test Environment and Software Tools for Modern Driver Assistance Systems

With the development of collision reduction and avoidance systems, there has been increasing demand for resources to lab-test driver assistance control units based on various driving maneuvers. Extensive testing of the software algorithms is difficult in the vehicle as it is only possible in challenging driving scenarios that place considerable stress on the driver.

Since the series development of ESP® control units, the automated testing of driver assistance systems in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) testing environments (virtual simulations of the real world) has established itself within the automobile industry.

The Daimler Company, represented by Mercedes Benz Cars Research and Development in Sindelfingen, thus commissioned Steinbeis Interagierende Systeme to design and implement a system allowing to run a vehicle control unit for a driver assistance system on a standard PC and to test it based on virtual driving.

The cooperation resulted in a prototype ten years ago. Since then, the test system and method – called “Mini-HiL” – have been used for the series development of driver assistance systems that can monitor the vehicle’s environment. The complexity of the test environment – particularly the required simulation – can thus be captured so that the test platform can be appropriately prepared with a minimum of time. For generations, the increasing number and complexity of vehicle functions has provided for a growing test volume. Keeping the maneuver-based test language applicable and simple while still meeting the broad demands on the test environment is a constant challenge. Daimler and the Steinbeis team jointly developed the test tools at the University of Tübingen and the Universities of Applied Sciences of Esslingen and Karlsruhe. The collaboration involved forward-thinking project work, trademark and intellectual property protection, and thesis and dissertation work. The Steinbeis Foundation’s Transfer Award – the Löhn Award – is being bestowed upon the project partners for their development and transfer achievements.

Project Partners

  • Daimler AG, Stuttgart
  • Steinbeis Interagierende Systeme GmbH, Esslingen 

Contact Person

Dr. Oliver Bühler, Dr. Daniel Ulmer

Steinbeis Interagierende Systeme GmbH, Esslingen

Innovative Test Environment and Software Tools for Modern Driver Assistance Systems

Duration: 5 min.

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