Award Winners 2014

Committed Professor and Successful Entrepreneur

Prof. Dr. Joachim Goll receives a special award from the Steinbeis Foundation for his long-standing and excellent achievements in knowledge and technology transfer for the Steinbeis Network.

Joachim Goll studied physics at the University of Stuttgart and then completed his Ph.D. at the 1st Institute for Theoretical Physics. He started his professional career at SEL, today’s Alcatel- Lucent Deutschland AG. There he held various positions including system planer and programmer, director of the software engineering department and director of system software. In 1992, he was offered a professorship at the University for Applied Sciences, Esslingen. Besides teaching he was responsible for establishing and running the software engineering study program. He also initiated joined projects with students, teachers and the university as well as the model of free holiday courses. His publications on the introduction of the programming languages Java and C have become standard reference works for students by now.

In 1991, Joachim Goll started working at Steinbeis as a member of staff of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Communication Technology at the University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen. Three years later he founded the Steinbeis Transfer Center Software Engineering in Esslingen. The Transfer Center has developed extremely successfully since and established itself as a competent and reliable partner for individual IT solutions in the automation technology and automotive industry. Customers are supported with modern technology and processes regarding the conception and development of software as well as in terms of operating with Linux systems and networks.

Emerging from the Steinbeis Transfer Center and accompanied by Steinbeis, Joachim Goll founded additional enterprises together with the staff of the Transfer Center.

With his Steinbeis Transfer Center at the interface with the University of Esslingen, Joachim Goll has managed to set an example for the successful and concrete implementation of knowledge and technology into practice. Precisely through the proximity to the University of Applied Sciences and an appealing working climate, he wants to be an attractive employer for graduates with their knowledge of current technologies and offers them the possibility of an extra occupational qualification up to a master´s or doctor´s degree.

Steinbeis would like to thank Joachim Goll for his constant constructive and trustful cooperation as the director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Software Engineering and his successful commitment in concrete knowledge and technology transfer.

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