Award Winners 2011

Intuitive Software for a New Optical Tool Presetter

The increasing number of computer-controlled applications in industrial production is a diffi cult task for many workers when they have to master software interfaces that are complex and confusing. The consequence can be operating errors and a lack of motivation. Today Optical Tool Presetters (OTP) are software-controlled and used for contactless measurement and presetting different tools. They are used directly in production, especially in the auto industry and their suppliers.

The excellent transfer project is the first joint project of the Japanese company NT TOOL Corporation from Takahama City and the Steinbeis Transfer Center Quality Assurance and Image Processing, Ilmenau.

The project aim was the concept, development, implementation and attainability of series-production readiness of a touchscreen-capable, intuitive software for an OTP. The main focus was on the minimization of the necessary number of clicks from the beginning of the measurement until the result, connected with a new design.

The innovative software interface of the OTPs has the distinction of a clear structure and reflects in five so-called palettes exactly the five most important steps of the operator. All information that is important for the respective step is only available when it is needed; the insignificant information is blanked out. When the operator is done with all necessary adjustments of a work step, the software opens the next palette automatically with the following step.

Furthermore the transfer project made an internship at NT TOOL in Japan possible for the involved students. For them it was a milestone during their studies, but also an important personal experience. Their stay has built an important bridge for the Steinbeis Transfer Center Quality Assurance and Image Processing and NT TOOL and simplified communication.

Project Partners

  • NT TOOL Corporation, Takahama City (Japan)
  • Steinbeis Transfer Center Quality Assurance and Image Processing, Ilmenau

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