Award Winners 2010

Enthusiastic Problem Solver

The Löhn Award jury awarded Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Boelke a  special award in recognition of his many years’ outstan- ding contribution to the area of technology transfer. 

Klaus Boelke began studying in 1962 at the University of Stuttgart, where he successfully completed his degree in electrical engineering with automatic control engineering. Remaining faithful  to the university, he continued his studies there and was awarded his doctorate in mechanical engineering by the department for control technology in 1977.

Klaus Boelke began his professional career as head of department at the BEHR radiator factory. One of his tasks in this role was to  automate air conditioning in cars. In 1981, Klaus Boelke responded to a call from the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn  and ended up lecturing there for 24 years as professor in the  department for production and logistics, passing on his enthu- siasm for technical issues to his students. Klaus Boelke has been  “unretired” since 2005, and lectures at the Cooperative State University in Mosbach.  In 1995, Klaus Boelke became head of the Steinbeis Transfer Center (STC) for Technical Consulting at the University of Applied  Sciences Heilbronn, which has been functioning as a technical  consulting service within the Steinbeis Network since 1971 – one  of the fi rst centers to be established. Together with his fellow  professors from a wide range of specialist fi elds, Klaus Boelke has built a technical consulting service that has become a long- standing, innovative and reliable consulting and development  partner to businesses, particularly regional and national car ma- nufacturers.

Klaus Boelke has progressed from an expert in his subject field to  become a “specialist generalist”. Approach him with any problem, and he can locate the right person to solve it. His unselfish sense of commitment and friendly, positive dynamism means he has a  magnetic effect on all who meet him.

Steinbeis thanks Klaus Boelke for his successful contribution as  head of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Technical Consulting at  the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn and his enduring  commitment to technology transfer. 

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