Award Winners 2009

Trailblazing Research Management

The jury conferring the Steinbeis Foundation’s Transfer Award – Löhn Award has honored the outstanding per- sonal contribution to knowledge and technology transfer of Prof.  Dr. rer. nat. Dr.-Ing. E. h. Max Syrbe, a long-standing member of  the Board of Trustees und Chairman of the Board of Trustees of  the Steinbeis Foundation, with a special award.

Max Syrbe was born in Leipzig in 1929 and studied physics in  Frankfurt / Main. On completion of his doctorate in 1953 in applied physics / control systems he worked for BBC in Mannheim  for 14 years, initially as a development and project engineer and  later as director and departmental head of Electronics. In 1968 he took the helm of the Institute for Oscillation Re search (ISF), which  in 1970 was renamed the Karlsruhe Fraunhofer Institute IITB.

In 1966 Max Syrbe was appointed to the senate of Fraunhofer  Ge sell schaft and in 1983 he became its president. He retained  this role until 1993. He was credited with initiating the concept  that ensured the further development of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.  Max Syrbe insisted on success-based research contracts for pri- vate industry and public administration as the basis for Fraun- hofer becoming the leading organization for applied research  in the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1975, the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Karlsruhe appointed Max Syrbe an honorary professor. Since 1983, Max Syrbe has been a member of the Steinbeis Foundation Board of Trustees and chairman of the Board of Trustees since 1991.

As well as research policy and research management, Max Syrbe’s  scientific work has focused primarily on automation and human  engineering – especially man-machine systems. Max Syrbe has  been awarded the Fraunhofer Sculpture, the highest honor bes- towed by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. He was also an honorary doc- tor of the Department of Engineering Sciences at the University  of Duisburg-Essen and an honorary senator of the Albert Ludwig  University of Freiburg. Furthermore, Max Syrbe has been awarded  the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of  Germany as well as the Order of Merit of the Federal State of  Bavaria.

In special recognition of his achievements, Max Syrbe received  the Steinbeis Foundation’s Transfer Award – Löhn Award.

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