Award Winners 2008

A Pioneering Bridge-Builder

The Löhn Award judges are honoring the outstanding  achievements of Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. h. c. Eberhard  Kallenbach, head of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Mechatronics,  with a special award. This Steinbeis Transfer Center (STC) at the  Technical University of Ilmenau is one of the fi rst established in  the region that was formerly East Germany. Since 1992, Eberhard  Kallenbach has devoted himself with great success to the trans- fer of technology – from the university setting to industry. His Steinbeis Transfer Center focuses on the areas of electrical drive  elements (actuators), special electromechanical drives, electronics technology and magnet technology.

Beyond this, Eberhard Kallenbach is not only building bridges  between science and industry. Indeed, with numerous transfer  projects and a commitment to teaching and research, he is also  contributing to the integration of East and West and to business  development in the region.

The Steinbeis House in Ilmenau, established in 2005 at the initiative of Eberhard Kallenbach and now home to several Steinbeis  Enterprises, bears testimony to the success of many transfer pro- jects, as well as it is contributing to the promotion of Thuringia  as a center for technological innovation and industry. Eberhard  Kallenbach has created and is continuing to create opportunities  for well-qualifi ed young people in the region – something not  to be underestimated and a huge personal achievement. He also  demonstrates his sense of social responsibility in his daily work  with his staff – he is a person with an entrepreneurial spirit who  has nevertheless remained modest and who works with patience,  far-sightedness and prudence.

In 2001, Eberhard Kallenbach supported the spin-off of an ad- ditional company evolved from the Steinbeis Transfer Center – Innomas Innovative Magnetsysteme GmbH. The company, which  initially received crucial support from the Steinbeis Transfer Cen- ter Mechatronics, is now a successful operation in its own right.  Moreover, he was actively involved in the establishment in 2006  of the VERDIAN center of excellence, of which he is chair, funded  by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the region  of Thuringia. The center is an amalgamation of ten companies  from the region, specializing in networked integrated magnetic  direct drives.

Eberhard Kallenbach is both a committed Steinbeis expert as well  as an outstanding university professor, whether as Ph.D. supervisor, author of numerous books on specialist subjects, assessor for  the German Research Foundation or as a member of the Saxon  and German Academies of Sciences.

He received the Löhn Award for the first time in 2004 for a transfer project carried out by his Steinbeis Transfer Center together with MAHLE International GmbH.

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