Technology Fields

Our Steinbeis Network addresses the specific requirements of customers. We know what the market needs and have a strong sense of fields that may develop in the medium term: fields of technology which are central to the competiveness of companies in Germany and beyond. Fields such as:

Information and communication technology

  • Data protection
  • Communication
  • Software
  • Audiovisual technology

Life sciences and biotechnology

  • Plant technology and agrobiotechnology
  • Life sciences
  • Industrial biotechnology and environmental technology
  • Medicine/medical technology

New materials

  • High-performance construction materials
  • New functional materials
  • Materials used in electronic data processing and nanomaterials

Power engineering

  • Renewable energy
  • Hydrogen energy and alternative forms of energy
  • Energy conservation and reduction of energy consumption in buildings used in industry, as well as transportation and travel

Environmental technology (resources and the environment)

  • Clean technology applications
  • Solid mineral resources
  • Oil and gas resources
  • Water and marine resources

Production and process engineering

  • Digital production planning
  • Environmentally friendly production systems
  • Production systems
  • Micromanufacturing; nanomanufacturing
  • Environmental protection equipment

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