Research Transfer

The success of every transfer project is reflected in the concrete benefit delivered to the customer – a benchmark we measure ourselves by as a service provider. For us, customer focus means providing businesses with the exact solution they require – flexibly and individually. Our Steinbeis Network spans the entire breadth of activities, from engineering to new product development.

In-house and On-site

We are in a position to provide the manpower required to carry out a transfer project at any time, even on short notice. Our experts flexibly adapt to project requirements, place an emphasis on teamwork and are intimately familiar with business processes.

Coaching and Development Support

It’s one thing to see a transfer project through to completion – it’s another to help others fulfill this task. We offer workshops and coaching sessions to help clients establish requirements and define project steps. We also provide development support, not only on a temporary basis but also from start to finish.

Testing and Diagnostics

We can take on specialist transfer project tasks such as the testing of materials. Thanks to our close-knit network of Steinbeis experts at universities and higher education institutions (HEIs), we can arrange license agreements and access to a unique spectrum of scientific infrastructure.

Business Projects at Our Own Private Steinbeis University

Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) is a private university that gives students an opportunity to work on behalf of a company and focus on a front-line company project based on an actual business requirement. The project is carried out within the company, thus empowering the SHB to dovetail targeted research transfer with the continuing professional development of the company’s employees.

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