Steinbeis Enterprises working in the field of development consider themselves an “extended knowledge workbench” – a know-how subcontractor. Without fuss and with a flexible outlook, we pull together multidisciplinary teams of specialists to work alongside clients or directly at their place of business to move standard processes forward and contribute new key know-how.

Steinbeis: Generalists or specialists? It depends on your specific requirements.

Clients looking for development support with their projects in a variety of sectors of industry turn to the Steinbeis Network for its technology know-how and manpower. We can react quickly to an urgent need for engineers – providing advice, back-up or hands-on, on-site support at your place of business. Our clients define the specific requirement, we pull together the right blend of experts, spanning different technical disciplines with backgrounds in the required areas of specialty.

With the Steinbeis Network at their side, clients have access to an unbeatable breadth of technological understanding. This is important to many businesses, since it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep pace with the changing nature of global business through their own resources and know-how. Our Steinbeis Enterprises have an adaptable setup underpinned by an international network to deliver a fitting solution for every requirement. If need be, we’re quickly on board and up and running to keep developments moving forward and to get the innovation ball rolling.

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