Why Would You Want to Gain Certification?

Clients want:

  • Experience in consulting and method skills
  • High standards; if possible, certified externally
  • Up-to-date consulting know-how and knowledge of methods
  • Specific guidance and help in choosing the right consultant

Consultant Certification:

  • Requires experience
  • Confirms consultant’s competence and skills
  • Is a sign of up-to-date consulting know-how and knowledge of methods
  • Provides pointers in the consulting market

Consultants want:

  • To expand their arsenal of methods and gain more know-how
  • To expend their competence
  • To hone their networks

Consultant Certification:

  • Offers training at a reasonable cost
  • Offers possibility to provide specialist coaching and the consultant competence check
  • Opens doors to an exceptional consultant community

The S’CC Concept at a Glance

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