Steinbeis Consultant Certificate

The Steinbeis'CertifiedConsultant Certification Program

Experienced consultants who attach great importance to gaining further qualifications, honing their networks and competing successfully in the marketplace  can gain certification through Steinbeis to become a Steinbeis'CertifiedConsultant (S'CC). Our certification program places emphasis on consulting excellence, setting high standards in keeping with the heightening quality expectations of all kinds of customers.

The certification program spans a variety of useful training options backed up by individual coaching, opening the door to an exclusive community of experienced consultants. This also promotes uncomplicated and effective exchange with other S'CC consultants.

Certification sets high standards with respect to social skills, specialist know-how and the consultant’s understanding of key methods. These standards are confirmed by being awarded the Steinbeis'CertifiedConsultant certification, which is also communicated publically on the Steinbeis website. Not only does this create transparency, but it also conveys a strong degree of trust and reliability to customers.

The S’CC Concept at a Glance

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