Working in the Steinbeis Network a Freelance Project Manager or Fixed-Contract Employee

If there is one thing know-how and technology transfer cannot do without, it has to be people with the right skills and competence – people who are committed and enthusiastic about the projects they are working on, who react flexibly to changing requirements and keep up to speed in their area of specialist knowledge. With roughly 1,100 enterprises in our network, Steinbeis provides the organizational structures it takes for you to play an active role in know-how and technology transfer, either as a freelance project manager or as a fixed-contract employee. This could be at a Steinbeis Center at a university or separate from the “source of knowledge,” working within a team at one our centers, perhaps even as a first step to setting up your own company!

Project Work with Steinbeis

Currently, around 3,000 freelance specialists work as project managers at Steinbeis Enterprises. What do they value most about their work in the Steinbeis Network? Being able to work on projects independently to schedules within their control while at the same time enjoying the security offered by a centralized Steinbeis framework, on all sorts of activities throughout the network. The director of their Steinbeis Center is a direct contact they can turn to for all issues relating to a project, plus much more.

Actually, joining the Steinbeis Network as a freelance project manager is often the first step on the road to setting up your own Steinbeis Enterprise. So it’s “Welcome to the Steinbeis Network!”

Working as a Steinbeis Employee

Technology transfer à la Steinbeis means working in an environment where knowledge and scientific insight overlap with technology in actual application – as part of an international network, working on projects, reacting quickly to market requirements – without red tape, quickly, in close collaboration with universities, partners and companies of all sizes. We currently have around 1,100 Steinbeis enterprises operating in all kinds of fields of technology and management.

Specialists are always in strong demand in our network, no matter the background. If you can relate to any of our profiles of current vacancies, we look forward to getting to know you!

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