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Regional authorities, municipalities, administrative districts, associations, organizations and businesses of today face enormous challenges such as international competition and the resulting mobility of companies, the shutdown of retailers, social tensions and much more. That’s why forward-thinking regional and municipal development is the order of the day. The need to find common solutions makes communal and regional cooperation a must. The Steinbeis Consulting Center for Regional and Communal Development provides assistance to this end.

The Steinbeis consulting center’s portfolio of services ranges from brief consulting sessions to comprehensive communal, business and project support. Its experts can react flexibly to various challenges facing key regional and communal players, thus offering their clients fast service free of red tape. The center draws on its extensive expertise to develop practical concepts and present the client with innovative and effective solutions.

The Steinbeis experts are currently working on a regional strategy for public services in the German district of Rhein-Hunsrück. The strategy should serve to develop integrative public service concepts that address changes in demographics as soon as possible. The goal is to discuss and create pragmatic strategies on an interdisciplinary level, ensuring that experts in district administration who are responsible for key areas are involved, as well as key players, and private users. Existing approaches and initiatives should be optimized and brought together into a comprehensive strategy. Synergy effects should be mapped and promoted. Furthermore, collaboration mechanisms already in place in the district (intercommunal partnerships, networks and alliances) that are functioning well should be utilized to work out the regional strategy for public services, with the ultimate aim of achieving the best possible results. The project is unique in that it forms a bridge between Germany’s path toward sustainable energy and local institutions providing public services, highlighting issues related to creating and maximizing added value for the region through sustainable energy concepts.

Structural changes on a social, economic and technological level also lead to changes in value-creation structures and intensified competition. Globalization and continuous demographic change are common factors influencing regional and communal development. The Steinbeis consulting center offers its clients innovative solutions, especially with issues related to demographic change and sustainable energy practices. The experts provide detailed analysis that aids the client in making more informed decisions about innovations, their image and strategic market developments. In this way, the potential and viability of ideas can be analyzed and new approaches can be revealed.

When viewed against the background of globalization and Europeanization, the increased mobility of businesses is also an area ripe with potential for research and consulting. The Steinbeis Consulting Center for Regional and Communal Development concentrates mainly on questions of current and future significance for regional, municipal and urban development. It supports municipal authorities in their search for the appropriate positioning and decisive strategies that create an advantage on the market.


Prof. Dr. habil. Gabi Troeger-Weiß | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jörg Domhardt
Steinbeis Consulting Center for Regional and Communal Development (Kaiserslautern)

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