Transfer 04/2012

Contents of the Transfer magazine 4/2012

Steinbeis on a local level
Knowledge and technology transfer in the region of Oberschwaben (Upper Swabia)
“We go to work where others go on vacation!”
A discussion with Prof. Edmund Haupenthal
Advice well given
Economic development and the promotion of innovation in the district of Ravensburg
The customer is king – focusing on market needs in the retail industry
Research carried out at Steinbeis University Berlin
From diamond wire to photovoltaic wafers
Steinbeis innovation center researches diamond wire cutting technology
Training spotlight  
Public and private services – an upcoming issue for regions and municipalities
Steinbeis experts develop innovative solutions
Guide posts for the book market
Steinbeis consults on the restructuring of SPIEGEL’s bestseller list
Consulting spotlight  
Steinbeis networking forum for SMEs
Platform for companies to merge theory with practice
Bees making the grade
Steinbeis promotes project-oriented learning
Cut and grow
The Steinbeis Transfer Center for Integrated Design (i/i/d) assists medium-sized enterprises on the path to long-term success.
Steering projects to success
Evaluation of projects using reference models
Corporate social responsibility – putting CSR center stage
Steinbeis supports companies with the introduction of CSR
Research spotlight  
Horses as a mirror for human behavior
SHB student examines new approaches to conflict research
Companies in times of change – managing the transformation
Steinbeis helps medium-sized companies pass the baton to the next generation
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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Transfer 04/2012

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