Transfer 04/2009

Articles of Transfer 04/2009

70% of perpetrators come from within the ranks of the company
Study on industrial espionage conducted on behalf of the Baden-Württemberg Security Forum
A "cool" label...
Intelligent labels that keep liquids cool by controlling the temperature
Theory, transfer and time to reflect: a win-win situation for father and daughter TRANSFER catches up with Nadine Jetter and Volker Plesse, graduates of SHB’s Business School Alb-Schwarzwald
The 2009 Löhn Award
The latest round of prizewinners and projects
Are heads of development and design still “on the ball”?
Steinbeis study on work in development and design
German Solar Prize 2009 goes to Sun-Area
Steinbeis researchers investigate the potential of solar energy
How the environment benefits from bionics
Steinbeis film for the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry for the Environment
Health management in the workplace – a luxury or a necessity?
Guidance for a healthy future
The future? This way…
Steinbeis supports regional development in Göppingen
Industrial maintenance standards
The eBusInstand development project and the application of renewable energy
International knowledge transfer in the automotive sector
Steinbeis summer courses
SHB spotlight
“Thanks to the course I feel much better prepared!”
TRANSFER talked to Martina Siefert, who recently attended a Steinbeis training course
Using resources efficiently
Steinbeis provides technological and financial consulting support to a start-up company
ResoScan wins Focus Open 2009 award
SHB student develops award-winning lab system
Solidifying customer relationships and driving up revenue
Steinbeis designs Web portal for Rheinfelden Alloys
Digital tools for pre-production planning
SHB doctoral candidates develop standard methods for Digital Factory
There’s a lot more to information management than keeping data private
The people behind the statistics
Study of child poverty in the German state of Baden-Württemberg
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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