Transfer 04/2008

Articles of Transfer 04/2008

From naval officer to global manager
The success story of an SHB alumni 
New measuring sleeve keeps feet healthy
3D data capture with wireless signal transmission 
Competencies – the key to every transfer
The 2008 Stuttgart Competencies Day 
FlexRay and Ethernet
Drawing comparisons between bus systems 
Quality control in spectral analysis
Evaluation of the pump-down curves of a glow discharge source 
“Helping people to help themselves”
We meet Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eberhard Kallenbach 
Help from space: optimizing satellite analysis
A software tool for calculating satellite constellations 
The perfect combination: plasterboard with radiation protection
Graphite and gypsum shield against electromagnetic radiation 
An instant reaction: top quality spring production
An image processing system for quality control in production 
“These are times of constant change”
Managers receive training at Steinbeis University Berlin 
Management System 2.0: wiki leads the way
Using a wiki to exchange information more quickly and directly 
Turning staff potential into financial gain
Staying successful by developing employee skills 
Making (and seeing) innovation work
Rethinking communication in the era of information overload 
epengineer – certified by Steinbeis University
A personnel services company invests in employee training 
Profit from well managed ideas!
Steinbeis helps industrial supplier translate ideas into actions 
Innovation in a traditional craft
Adjusting pipe organs to spatial acoustics 
Careers, not fixed tracks
Banking careers for specialists, managers and project managers 
Award-winning innovation
Recognizing a flair for innovation and quality in Baden-Württemberg
Double hit
The i/i/d is given two reasons to celebrate 
Steinbeis convention: Energy – Efficient utilization and conversion
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Transfer 04/2008

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