When managers attend lectures

BBA degrees for managers

The Steinbeis Transfer Institute for Innovation, Quality and Company Management (IQU) at Steinbeis University offers courses to the owners of small and medium-sized companies alongside their successors and managers. The BBA degree has been specially designed for manufacturing companies and industrials.

The students attend regular seminars while they build up knowledge primarily as a fast-track forum to exchange views. Lectures offer a safe environment to exchange knowledge and experience without feeling exposed.

For example the owner of a large metalprocessing company will rub shoulders with the manager of an electronic component manufacturer, joined by the boss of a medical technology enterprise and the manager designate of a logistics company. Meanwhile the head of purchasing at a leading medium-sized company is enjoying a conversation with managers from major companies and heads of quality, sales and production. This rich mixture of sectors, objectives and roles allows students to match learning, quickly, to insights picked up from lecturers.

The requirements placed on lecturers are correspondingly demanding. Apart from learning new things, for students it is also a possibility to apply new insights to the situation in their own company. A variety of voluntary visits to companies, special events and speeches also provide plenty of food for thought.

The first round of students is about to complete its Bachelor of Business Administration. For those interested there will also be meet-ups to keep learning new things and stimulate discussion. The next course starts in 2008.

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