Transfer 04/2007

Articles from Transfer magazine 04/2007

Ignoring it won’t make it go away!
Very few companies are ready for the worst case scenario
Grandma’s lasting inheritance
Product development and project management – local history and posterity
Precision electrochemical deburring of multifunctional components
Pulsating DC power supply in electrochemicals
“Give professors continuous involvement in live development projects in industry”
An interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen van der List, 2007 Löhn Award prizewinner along with the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Microelectronics
Technology seeks founder
How do you foster business start-ups?
Decision-making support for managers
Steinbeis student launches company-wide Balanced Scorecard
The influence of Business Process Outsourcing on success
A research project at Steinbeis University Berlin
IT security becomes a system
Keeping security cameras secure
Safe yet reliable automation technology
More and more companies standardize their manufacturing processes
Life Sciences meet high-tech analysis
A ground-breaking label-free method for bioanalytical chemistry
Works like magic, looks magnificent
A medical technology manufacturer harmonizes its websites worldwide
Now, that’s what they call a system
Internet applications with the OIT application framework
When managers attend lectures
BBA degrees for managers
On good advice
Targeted consulting for doctors, hospitals, banks and investors
Modern homeopathy: today Baden-Baden, tomorrow the world
A Steinbeis student and her concept for the global field sales force
Using resources intelligently with grid computing
Self-managing ‘clusters’ in Oracle
Innovation and business development through the gender lens
Female entrepreneurs and scientists cooperate with Europe
Rethinking organizational consulting
Neuroenergetic leadership and organizational development
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