Florian Rösch


TQU International and the Steinbeis Network deeply mourn the loss of Florian Rösch, who died very suddenly and unexpectedly on June 25, 2013 at the age of 40.

Florian Rösch studied social pedagogy at what is now known as the University of Applied Sciences Munich. He initially worked in the field of sociology as a counselor of children and adolescents with behavioral problems, as well as people with multiple serious disabilities. Further professional activities led him to the field of quality management and organizational development. In 2001, he started working with Steinbeis as a project manager at the TQU in Ulm, a Steinbeis enterprise founded by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen P. Bläsing. Based on his very successful project work, Florian Rösch then founded the Steinbeis Center TQU ifqm as part of the TQU Network, which was the predecessor of today’s TQU International. He served as founder and shareholder of the center since its establishment in 2002. In 2006, he successfully completed a degree at Steinbeis University Berlin, earning him a Master of Business Administration.

Florian Rösch saw his calling in working with people to help businesses face change and the future. His motto was not to dream one’s way through life, but to live one’s dreams. Florian Rösch possessed much empathy for people and he listened to them with genuine interest and understanding. He had the keen ability to touch people and to inspire them to work toward shared success. His passion was to relate closely to people and bring them on board with his projects and seminars. Florian Rösch was taken away from us suddenly while living this passion.

His personal and professional abilities, his calm manner, and the many years of partnership and faithful collaboration in the founding and development of the enterprise made Florian Rösch such a highly esteemed part and much valued partner of TQU International and Steinbeis. He leaves behind a huge gap in the organization and we will all dearly miss him.

Prof. Dr. Michael Auer | Manfred Mattulat
Steinbeis Foundation Board


Steinbeis Foundation

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