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Project management for medium-sized enterprises

The Steinbeis Coaching Concept

Professional project management isn’t a luxury for most mediumsized enterprises, it’s an absolute must. Companies are taking on more and more types of projects these days: from broad-scope innovation development projects to change management while salvaging companies, and collaborative projects conducted within a company consortium. This is where the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Business Excellence comes in. 

Large numbers of projects with increasing complexity mean companies can no longer do without professional project management. Each project must be planned and conducted carefully to minimize risk and maximize successful outcomes. This is the only way to ensure positive qualitative and quantitative project results such as timely deliveries and adequate project returns.

Professional project management focuses on suitable methodologies and systematic business practices rather than costly software packages. That’s why the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Business Excellence has developed a coaching concept for employees working for medium-sized businesses. Proven methodologies from large companies have been scaled down and tailored to SMEs, and can now be successfully implemented in the day-to-day business operations of small companies. 

Taking the lead with coaching skills

One-on-one coaching for managers

Individual coaching sessions benefit participants in two ways. First, they receive professional guidance on how to work through personal topics and issues in a way that matches their goals and solutions. Second, they are introduced to the usefulness of coaching skills as tools and techniques for leadership. The Competence. Communication.Cultures. Steinbeis Consulting Center offers tailored coaching sessions for employees at the management and executive level.

In these customized coaching sessions, the coach creates transpa- rency regarding how he or she supports solution-finding processes and which methodologies and techniques are best applied. This makes participants aware of their own ability to problem-solve. Not only does this broaden the participants management skills, but it underscores self-coaching capabilities which include aspects such as dealing with their own resistance, using strengths and potential, or managing the life balance.

The success of participants who make use of the coaching skills in management and executive duties was assessed by the Steinbeis Consulting Center. Based on their experience in practice, an open series of seminars has been developed to teach coaching skills to managers and executives.

„Coaching Energy“

New ESF funding program

The Steinbeis Consulting Center for Business Coaching has been authorized by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Finance and Economics to carry out projects within the framework of the new ESF funding program “Coaching Energy”.

The program aims to support SMEs headquartered in Baden-Württemberg with innovative company restructurings to capitalize on market opportunities related to energy, but also the introduction of measures for energy conservation, the use of renewable energy, or both.

The following coaching is eligible to funding:

  • Electric mobility
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency
  • Reduction of energy consumption

Depending on the coaching needed, funding is provided for up to 15 days at € 400 per day.

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