Promoter of innovation in southeast Europe

Deggingen-based Steinbeis Transfer Center wins award

The Deggingen-based Steinbeis Transfer Center for East-West Joint Ventures was named “Promoter of Innovation in Southeast Europe” earlier this year. The award was bestowed as part of the first conference to be held in Rumania on collaboration in the Danube and Black Sea Region. The aim of the conference was to compare experiences and foster partnership to promote sustainable social and economic development in southeast Europe.

The jury was made up of leading experts under the direction of ambassador Dr. Liviu Bota, the former United Nations deputy secretary-general. The award has motivated the Steinbeis experts from Deggingen to keep supporting social and economic development in the Danube Region and Black Sea area. The transfer center has been focusing its efforts on the development of a European Danube Strategy since 2010. Its work centers on bringing together professional partners from each country. The projects are tailored to the needs of southeast Europe, offering innovative solutions designed to improve socio-economic conditions in the area.

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