Five stars awarded to stw unisono

Specialist knowledge merges with social skills

Working as one is a success formula – as the Steinbeis Network expert in vocational training demonstrates, even under its new name. The former TQU Akadamie was renamed stw unisono training+consulting one year ago. The Ulmbased enterprise has been specialized in training for 20 years, with a focus on quality development and managing people. For continuous professional development to succeed in the long term, it has to place an emphasis on customers – a philosophy that has stood the test of time. The ITCR – International Training Center Rating® – has awarded the stw unisono its highest classification as a premium education center.

There is more to fostering skills than simply giving people the right tools to get things done. Successful work requires people to thrive on the responsibilities they are given. They also need the right soft skills and an ability to get along with managers and co-workers. Experience shows (and the statistics confirm) that companies have some major shortcomings when it comes to communication and interaction – and they desperately need support.

The training approach adopted by stw unisono is to combine specialist skills with people skills. During specialist training sessions, employees also learn soft skills. This can be one-on-one or in groups. Personal advice is, of course, also integral to training. Sessions are tailored individually to the needs of course attendees, who are invited to work on tasks and some fairly challenging exercises. Intensive and detailed courses tend to offer other activities, such as yoga, to help participants unwind and free the mind.

The ITCR is a unique classification method for rating leading providers of training and monitoring the performance of organizations involved in continuous professional development. The evaluation system covers six areas, based on no less than 110 criteria, ranging from IT systems to knowledge transfer, infrastructures and customer service, before, during and after events.

When it comes to adding value and valuing quality, stw unisono is now allowed to use the ITCR five-star quality endorsement for “optimal customer benefit.” When people see this award, they know they can count on the vocational services provided by a company, training is efficient and enjoyable, and this has been validated. It acts as a useful guide in the jungle of different offerings when comparing choices and making decisions.

“Something we noticed immediately with stw unisono was the holistic and logistic approach it takes and the effectiveness and particular uniqueness of the company,” explains Dr. Gerd Theobald of the ITCR after granting the award. “It’s specialist skills in harmony with social skills, without airs and graces.”


Lea Itze
stw unisono training+consulting GmbH (Ulm)

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