Transfer 03/2011

Contents of the Transfer magazine 3/2011

Steinbeis on a local level
Knowledge and technology transfer in the Karlsruhe region
Innovative collaborations
“A builder of bridges between university and businesses”
A discussion with Professor Klaus Gremminger
The Karlsruhe Region
Environmental protection in the community – ERNEUERBAR KOMM!
A holistic approach to analyzing land and areas for use with renewable energy
Promoter of innovation in southeast Europe
Deggingen-based Steinbeis Transfer Center wins award
Keeping plans in perspective
Factory planning software provides 360° views during site inspections
A high-pressure environment
Flat clinching with pneumatic impact cylinders
Training spotlight
Simulating the wind and the weather
Calculating the service life of wind turbines
Keeping IT-infrastructures under control with CompactCheck
Keeping track in an IT landscape that is developing in different directions
Wastewater as a heat source
Recovering heat from wastewater
Improving flight safety
Emergency floor lighting in aircraft
Consulting spotlight
A danger foreseen is a danger half avoided
Early detection and managing the risk of new technology
Steinbeis University research pays off
Donations presented to German AIDS charity
Data processing with a view
Steinbeis Transfer Center in Constance supports businesses with XML services
Innovative high-tech materials
Silent Stars exhibition in the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus in Bremen
A playful way to figure out the key to success
Entrepreneurial learning for tomorrow's decision-makers in the real estate industry
Externalizing tacit knowledge
SHB Ph.D. student examines knowledge-sharing
What if you could reinvent yourself?
Steinbeis Consulting Center selected as “model location”
Learning letter by letter
Supporting people with functional illiteracy
Full steam ahead
A strategy to develop wharfs on the Neckar river in Plochingen
International knowledge-sharing
Vocational training in the Georgian wine industry
Art, expressed in numbers
Documenting and valuing works of art in local museums
Measuring safety
Safe, reliable solenoid actuators
An adhesive that the industry is stuck on
Special glue from Baden-Württemberg shakes up the market
Because life must go on
Voluntary work in the community
Wisdom in numbers
SHB research project on collective intelligence
Certified skills
Steinbeis'CertifiedConsultant provides business qualifications
Intelligent solutions
Performance management for SMEs based on open source
Killing germs with new copper-based materials
Researching new materials
MBE – acquiring project skills beyond the borders of Germany
SHB launches master's program in Bulgaria
The TZM – 20 years of successful technology transfer
Steinbeis marks anniversary in Göppingen
Five stars awarded to stw unison
Specialist knowledge merges with social skills
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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