Steinbeis Hacettepe Technology Transfer Center

Hacettepe University in Ankara is one of Turkey’s largest public universities, with over 30,000 registered students enrolled in around 300 degree programs, and more than 5,000 professors and academic staff. Hacettepe recently entered into a technology transfer partnership with Steinbeis.

Hacettepe University now coordinates projects with industry using the recently founded Steinbeis Hacettepe Technology Transfer Center (SHTTC). The center builds on previous work carried out by Hacettepe Technology Transfer Center, which was founded in 2008.

The center carries out technology evaluations, promotes partnerships between industry, science and politics, and helps organizations access international technology sources, which are of particular benefit to Turkish SMEs. A variety of experienced specialists from trade and industry work at SHTTC alongside academics and specialists in technology transfer. Depending on the project, the center works with experts from a variety of disciplines ranging from information technology to medicine.

A number of successful technology transfers have already been implemented in Ankara. For example, a durable polymer material was developed for use in rail construction. Other projects include a hyperbaric oxygen organ preservation system and an intelligent SME evaluation system.

SHTTC acts as a contact point of call for technology advice in Turkey. Together with Steinbeis, its mission is to monitor the technology requirements of industry and promote technological standards, through targeted projects with trade and industry.


Ilyas Yilmazyildiz
Prof. Selçuk Geçim

Steinbeis Hacettepe Technology Transfer Center (Ankara (TR))

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