Steinbeis Center for Technology Transfer India

The research and development environment in India is improving by the day, as organizations push ahead with innovation after innovation. The latest Global Competitiveness report confirms that India boasts a comparatively high proportion of researchers per head of population, as well as a significant number of research institutes. The Indian government offers a variety of support programs to promote research projects. As a result, India’s competitive advantage is gradually shifting away from its former image as an outsourcing location for low-cost production – and the country is now increasingly respected for its high standards in technology and innovation. Indian technology centers are accelerating market-based research – and an increasing number of companies are turning to them as research partners.

At the moment, SCTI’s primary aim is to forge links with potential partners and establish Steinbeis transfer centers in a variety of fields of expertise. Talks are already underway with
the Indian Institute of Technology, the National Institute of Design, Delhi University and the International Institute of Information Technology. The SCTI is also already working with transfer centers based in Germany, and helping to establish partnership between German transfer centers and Indian enterprises.

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