Transfer 03/2009

Articles of Transfer magazine 03/2009

Strategic infrastructure planning – virtualization for SMEs
Karl Westermann GmbH & Co. KG virtualizes its IT infrastructure with support from Steinbeis 
Molecule design for genetic therapy
Computer-aided nucleic acid design for gene and cell therapy to treat type 2 Gaucher’s disease 
“I’m much more organized now when tackling problems, and I look at the bigger picture”
An interview with Steinbeis University graduate Anja Glatzle 
Measuring and testing: an innovative approach
Steinbeis Transfer Center develops system for measuring magnetic properties 
A lounge chair made out of native natural materials
Manufacturing individual items of furniture – cost-efficiently 
Schools for the rich, schools for the poor?
A Steinbeis study investigates whether school fees limit school choice in Germany 
SHB spotlight
Steinbeis Hacettepe Technology Transfer Center
Steinbeis Center for Technology Transfer India
A helping hand
Care-providing robot to work in patient recovery
Innovations and non-violence – different facets of life
The Steinbeis University Berlin lecture series 
Outcomes: seeing the bigger picture
Help with the assessment of long-term investments: the Benefit Asset Pricing Model 
Risk management – without risk management systems
The new risk management standard: ISO 31000 
Dialog between research community and SMEs
SME associations forge links with European technology platforms 
A recipe for success in cross-media publishing
Processing data in modern medical practice
A powerful data management system goes live in the Central Baden Fertility Center 
Bad banks are here to stay
Banks are already using their powers to transfer bad commitments 
Access permitted!
Steinbeis University Student investigates open source business model 
Managing business clusters – innovatively
MFG Baden-Württemberg fosters “clustering” expertise with Steinbeis 
Protecting margins during a crisis
How can a crisis be turned into an opportunity? 
The cross-sector Wissmark project goes from strength to strength
Small and medium-sized enterprises reap the benefits of knowledge sharing 
Employee development, both measurable and targeted
State-funded vocational training
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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Transfer 03/2009

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