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University certificates for professional employee development

Stressing over exams in Sindelfingen: after several months of professional development, seven employees are taking their final tests to earn certification as Lean Management specialists. Candidates must demonstrate what they’ve learned in a written exam paper as well as present the projects they completed. But can you combine theory with practice? Are the savings realistic? Can the board of examiners give every participant the green light when it comes to certification? The Steinbeis University Berlin certificate vouches for each graduate’s excellent soft skills and high level of expertise – and is a pillar to build a career on.

The Institute for Business Excellence at Steinbeis University Berlin has been working with high-profile companies for a number of years. Working with key people within every company, the Institute develops the in-house employee development curriculum, draws up examination and certification regulations, and co-chairs the board of examiners with company experts. It also performs quality control checks on employee development programs, provides instructor education, and prepares and runs certification exams. With 700 certificates already awarded, the appeal of this university course is growing. The “certified by Steinbeis University” addendum has evolved into a genuine seal of approval with regard to professional employee development.

“Since they’re so well thought through, the programs the Institute has developed have helped our instructors and students become much more disciplined in the way they approach learning. In fact, this impact is one of the main reasons why our ongoing education courses are so successful,” explains the head of HR at an international corporation in Dusseldorf. The enterprising owner of a learning center near Freiburg believes that joining forces with Steinbeis University Berlin has resulted in “a drastic improvement that our participants have welcomed with open arms.” The Steinbeis Enterprise TQU Academy in Ulm also uses and supports the course offering with great enthusiasm. The Academy has for many years, for instance, offered integrated certification exams in its successful Six Sigma program. “The international standard behind this certification program is proof enough that my instruction is built on a firm foundation,” says the Six Sigma Master Black Belt at the TQU Academy.

The Institute develops internationally accepted testing standards for popular courses of instruction. To help people already in employment prepare in a way that best meets their needs, the Institute developed a series of materials tailored to the written section of the certification exam. These materials also show instructors what subject matter must be covered. In addition to “integrated” models (as the certification exam is a component and the final stage of the development program), the “open” format is highly sought-after. This gives working professionals with plenty of practical experience and sound theoretical knowledge the opportunity to translate their expertise gained “on the job” into a recognized university certificate. The training materials are an excellent way to spot any gaps in a professional’s education and keep knowledge up to date thanks to self-directed study.


Prof. Dr. Jürgen P. Bläsing
Helmut Bayer, MBA

Steinbeis Transfer Institute Business Excellence (Berlin)

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