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Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum is Partner in the European Project CReATE

The project CReATE supports the strategic co-operation of innovative clusters in the field of creative industries in Europe. CReATE is funded under the “Regions of Knowledge” initiative of the European Commission, which aims to support regional research-driven clusters and to strengthen the research potential of European regions. Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum supported the writing of the project bid and is partner in the project. The project is coordinated by MFG Baden-Württemberg.

The creative industries sector is one of the emerging lead markets of the European knowledge economy. Simultaneously, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play a key role in the creative industries in developing internationally competitive products and services. Against this background, CReATE intends to identify, implement and disseminate ICT induced innovations in order to improve the innovative capacity of the regional cluster actors.

In the framework of CReATE, SEZ cooperates with MFG Baden-Württemberg as well as further European partners from Rhône- Alpes, Piedmont and the West Midlands. Building upon the know-how generated in previous projects, SEZ develops regional strategy processes, supports elaborating an interregional research agenda, conducts training activities on strategic cluster management and consults the project partners on all strategic questions.

The development of an interregional research agenda will help to reach a higher mobilisation of RTDI investments and to guide them in seminal research areas and does, thereby, help ensuring more effective and efficient RTDI investments in the involved regions. Furthermore, the further development of the European Research Area is supported by the interregional exchange of knowledge as well as the initiated research cooperations.

The predecessor project, RegStrat, had been coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum until March 2008 and aimed at supporting regional decision makers in the development and implementation of successful research, technological development and innovation (RTDI) strategies. Within this process, SPI tools such as Foresight, Technology Assessment, Evaluation, Benchmarking and Innovation Audits were important. By a combined and systematic use of these instruments, the regional innovative and competitive capability should be strengthened in the long term. The results of RegStrat are now integrated within the project CReATE.  


Prof. Dr. Norbert Höptner
Dr. Günter Clar

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (Stuttgart)

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