Transfer 03/2008

Articles from Transfer magazine 03/2008

It’s worth thinking about the future, or you might not have one
Thinking beyond the trees in the Black Forest town of Bad Peterstal-Griesbach 
Technology that gets your heart beating
Cardiovascular perfusionists undergo academic training at the SHB 
Painting polypropylene surfaces without pre-treatment
Steinbeis supports a company launch and product development 
Securing success, with norms!
Service quality in IP Management 
Diffusion in aluminum/magnesium composites
Investigating and proving bonding processes 
Material Efficiency Center makes its mark in Berlin
Aicher Präzisionstechnik GmbH: discovering unused potential 
Where companies and students meet
Online marketplace from ZEIT Online and Marc Drüner, Professor at Steinbeis University Berlin 
Improving the dynamic behavior of pneumatic actuators
“Air spring” shortens travel time and reduces compressed air consumption 
Regional Airports Interaction for Regional Development
Project to increase the competitiveness of regional airports
Virtual machine maintenance
2D and 3D hybrid platforms for electronic business 
New leaders in education
Degree course in Education Management at Steinbeis University 
“Time management” and self-management in industry
Plan your day more efficiently 
Non-destructive inspection method
New development for characterizing metal-filled plastic composites 
The “certified by Steinbeis University” seal
University certificates for professional employee development 
Renewable energy in the tri-border region Germany – Poland – the Czech Republic 
Creative Europe
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum is Partner in the European Project CReATE 
A picture is worth more than 1000 words
Systematic video analysis in production and logistics 
Growth down the road: a commercial property model for Regensburg
Which commercial property does a dynamic area need to do business? 
The search is on for alternative energies
Thermal treatment of rice straw using the aerial/cyclone principle 
What does success boil down to?
Five tenets of greater productivity and market opportunities 
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Transfer 03/2008

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