Gearing qualifications to future requirements

Steinbeis Certified Consultant

Experienced consultants – who place importance on further education, networking and successful competitive strategies – can turn to Steinbeis for certification. The Steinbeis Consultant Certificate gives accreditation to special consultant attributes and therefore sets the standard in response to growing quality requirements imposed by clients.

The certification program covers a variety of modules including 1-on-1 coaching. Certification opens the door to an exclusive community of qualified consultants making it much easier and more effective to compare notes with trained professionals. The Steinbeis Consultant Certificate sets the quality benchmark in terms of consulting skills, such as social skills, specialist knowledge and methodologies. As well as confirming that consultants possess these qualities in the first place, the fact is made public over the Steinbeis website. This simplifies searches – reassuring clients that they are making the right decision. The Steinbeis Consultant Certificate is primarily aimed at qualified, experienced consultants seeking to validate their skills and interest in further training through an independent, third party. Certificates are valid for three years, extendable for three years at a time by providing evidence of further successfully completed training and certification, or active contributions to the community.

Applications for the Steinbeis Consultant Certificate go through several stages: after each application has been assessed it starts with an interview with experts, hand-in-hand with a special coaching session. During this session a customized training package is agreed with the applicant within the framework of the overall certification program. Training and additional qualifications are provided through a series of seminars and events organized in cooperation with Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin.


David Hüttner
Steinbeis-Beratungszentren GmbH (Stuttgart)

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