Transfer 02/2010

Articles of Transfer magazine 02/2010

Standard or customized?
Core banking systems compared
Integrated systems based on tried and tested methods
Steinbeis assists in process optimization
Intelligent constructed wetlands
SHB graduate develops environmentally-friendly wastewater disposal plant
Electromobility: off the beaten track
Steinbeis symposium on “Electronics in the Automotive Engineering”
A new early warning against bioterrorist attacks
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum is partner in the EU-project DINAMICS
Bringing insight to communities
Steinbeis Centers attend the “Zukunft Kommune 2010” trade fair
Eco-friendly mobility on holiday
Steinbeis among the winners in the “Automobile Summer 2011” idea contest
Award winning!
Steinbeis Award bestowed at Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg
SHB spotlight
More than data gathering – the shape of modern HR management
Steinbeis University student sets up HR monitoring system
Clinical diagnosis of lysosomal storage diseases
Steinbeis and partners analyze inborn errors of metabolism
Sealing the budget gap
Institutional and private backers lend support to companies
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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Transfer 02/2010

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