How to win with BPO

Doctorate studies at Steinbeis University Berlin

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has been growing in popularity over recent years – as it allows firms to focus on their core areas of expertise. Despite the operational and strategic risks it may entail, BPO can significantly reduce costs across the board while boosting service quality. It can also save time – in areas such as product development. Jan Bartenschlager analyzed the potential impact of BPO on company success in a research project at the Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology (SCMT), part of Steinbeis University Berlin. He has now completed his dissertation – the first doctoral student to graduate from the university.

Despite the wellknown operational and strategic risks, BPO can be an excellent opportunity for companies to cut costs, make use of variable resources or achieve other company goals. But the complex interactions between BPO and company success are still not fully understood. To shed light on this area, Jan Bartenschlager worked in partnership with Navisco AG to conduct theoretical and empirical research into the myriad of links and interactions between BPO and company success. As part of an empirical study, he invited over 1000 firms with experience in BPO to participate in a survey. Of these, around 120 responded by completing a standardized questionnaire. In his dissertation, Bartenschlager has now outlined the foundations and best courses of action for successful BPO.

Jan Bartenschlager studied business administration at Hamburg University, and completed his research project while working as a consultant at Navisco in Hamburg. Today, he is an associate partner at ZELOS Management Consultants. His work and research focuses on assessing sourcing strategies and sourcing management, and implementing value- based management strategies as well as companywide cost allocation and service accounting systems. Jan Bartenschlager is a member of the Steinbeis Certified Consultant certification board.


Copies of the dissertation can be obtained from Steinbeis-Edition at www.steinbeisedition. de: Erfolgswirkung des Business Process Outsourcing – Effekte vom BPO auf die strategischen Erfolgsfaktoren und den Erfolg von Großunternehmen in Deutschland (The impact of business process outsourcing on company success – the effects of BPO on strategic success factors and the success of large scale enterprises in Germany)

Jan Bartenschlager ISBN 978-3-938062-85-2 Steinbeis-Edition, Stuttgart

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