Transfer 02/2009

Articles of Transfer magazine 02/2009

The challenge of energy efficiency
Experts debate issues in a Steinbeis symposium
Innovative diagnostic methods for pharmaceutical and biomedical technology
From Reutlingen to Israel: technology transfer beyond borders 
“My PCD helped me to progress: personally and professionally”
TRANSFER speaks to Zoltan Barcza, graduate of Steinbeis University Berlin
How to win with BPO
Doctorate studies at Steinbeis University Berlin 
You do the research, we do the rest
The Steinbeis Northeast Team lends its support in managing projects and securing third-party financing
Memorizing and mastering the melody of finance
Companies are finding it tough drumming up credit at the moment 
Leading employer: TZM
SHB spotlight
Collective Intelligence: Pinpointing the Wisdom of Crowds
Steinbeis University Berlin research workshop
Call for Papers
Business + Innovation Steinbeis Executive Magazine 
Steinbeis team from Pforzheim wins Innovation Award
CeBIT 2009 achievement 
“Investing in education and research is vital during times of economic turbulence”
TRANSFER speaks with Prof. Dr. Heinz Trasch, Chairman of the Board of the Steinbeis Foundation 
Keeping the windmill turning even in difficult times
A catalog of measures for medium-sized businesses
Steinbeis opens the door to Russian SMEs
Building a network of partner firms in Russia 
Balluff scoops the Baden-Württemberg Competence Prize
Breaking technology barriers – and adding customer benefits 
Outer suburbs take center stage
SHB student named German metropolis’s first city district manager 
“Young Founders” – a success story
Welcome to San Francisco! The 2008 winning team tours the US
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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Transfer 02/2009

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